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Wing Review: Wisconsin on Tap

Wings at Wisconsin on Tap

The Basics:

MKE Wings Crew Present: Frank, Amber, Ross, Molly

Review Date: December 6, 2023

Wing Special (as of date published): Wednesday $10 for 10 wings, $17 for 20 wings

The Review:

A place that serves wings with a focus on Wisconsin craft beer? That sounds right up our alley here at MilwaukeeWings! Previous attempts to find great wings in Menomonee Falls have not worked out all well, the crew and I headed out in early December to see if we could finally find a winner!

We popped in on a Wednesday night to take advantage of their wing special. Normal menu price is $12 for an order of wings, but on Wednesdays you can get 10 wings for $10 or 20 wings for $17 which saves you a bit of cash, always a good thing. *As always, prices/availability of menu items/prices and/or specials are subject to change at the sole discretion of the bar without the knowledge of and may not be updated accordingly.*

I was very intrigued with their wide array of wing flavors as many were quite unique and had a focus on some beer inspired flavors. Their sauce list (per the menu): Hinterland Cherry BBQ, Old Smokey Mango Habanero, Classic Buffalo, Central Waters Honey Teriyaki, Roasted Garlic Parm, Roasted Poblano, Wasabi Aleppo, and Honey Bourbon. They also had a few dry rubs: Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Smoked Chipotle Herbs de Provence, Orange Gochujang Chili.

The very large wings themselves are smoked, fried, and then grilled which lent a nice smokey flavor to the wings along with some grill marks for a nice appearance and extra flavor to these very tasty and juicy wings. While the chicken itself was quite good, how were the sauces? Notes on the sauces we sampled below.

Wings at Wisconsin on Tap

Hinterland Cherry BBQ: A sweet BBQ sauce with a hint of cherry taste from the use of the Hinterland Cherry Wheat beer. I normally don't like sweeter BBQ sauces, but the bit of cherry flavor won me over a bit on this one.

Old Smokey Mango Habanero: for lack of a better word, this one tasted a bit, watery. Faintly sweet from the mango and faintly peppery and spicy from the habanero, but this flavor felt like the intensity that should have been was at like 50% of what it should have been.

Honey Bourbon: This flavor was very honey forward and super sweet, a bit too sweet for my tastes, but worth ago if a sweet and sticky wing sauce is your thing.

Classic Buffalo: A tasty Buffalo sauce that was a bit more pepper forward than most, peppery spice with the acidic tanginess of vinegar without the balance of the butter you normally get in a Buffalo. So, not the most traditional, but tasty nonetheless.

Wings at Wisconsin on Tap

Smoked Chipotle Herbs de Provence: might be the longest flavor name I've seen! Bit of smokiness from the chipotle, but that was about it for flavor, not a lot going on here.

Orange Gochujang Chili: honestly, between this one and the smoked chipotle dry rub, we weren't sure which was which, neither seemed to pack much flavor.

Roasted Poblano: along with Buffalo, this was my personal favorite of the night. Roasted poblano pepper taste, a touch of heat, an interesting flavor on a wing.

The MKE Wings Crew's Favorites:

Frank: Roasted Poblano

Amber: Buffalo Ross: Roasted Poblano

Molly: Buffalo


With a wide array of some very interesting and unique flavors, the Wing Crew and I had high hopes for this one. However, despite the chicken itself being very tasty we all had the same thought, none of the sauces or dry rubs really stood out, or even stood apart from each other. Perhaps they just needed more sauce to account for the large wings or to overcome the smokey taste? Not exactly sure, and I think there is a potential for some good wings here, but the flavors were just too far off the mark for us.



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