top of page was founded in 2009 with a simple goal, finding the best wings in the Brew City (and surrounding communities) and letting the people know about them.  Aside from finding and reviewing these places, MilwaukeeWings became the go-to place for collecting and listing every wing special we could find.  Flash forward to 2020.  We've re-tooled, redesigned the site, and getting back to our mission of being the best source for any information about wings in Milwaukee!

Many factors determine whether a wing is good, great, outstanding, or (rarely) underwhelming.  The chicken, the flavor options, the accompaniments, the value, and the taste all play a role in how we review wings.  There are two primary awards we can give:

Certified Wing Joint, the second highest honor we give out. These are given to makers of damn good wings, but there may just be a few small things they could do better, or, we just need a few more visits to make sure they're Hall of Fame worthy. Definitely a place to go for a wing night with your friends knowing you'll get some fine wings!

HOF - small.png

Hall of Fame. The highest honor we can give. Places that get this award really know their wings and serve up the best in the area. If you have a wing bucket list, you need to make sure to include the winners of this coveted badge! Seriously, these are not to be missed!

Certified - small.png

For the full details of all the awards/badges we can give out, check out post that explains it all!

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