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Wing Review: The Brass Tap

Updated: May 11, 2020

The Basics:

MKE Wings Crew Present: Frank

Review Date: January 17, 2020

Wing Special? $0.75 Wednesdays

(Special accurate as of Jan 17, 2020)

The Review:

January 17? Wait, isn't there another review from January 17 when you had wings for lunch? Why yes, yes there is! So that means you had wings for lunch and dinner? Yes, yes I did. Hey, you don't run a website about wings without eating wings you know! And if you saw that review, my wing craving wasn't exactly satisfied by those wings. This particular January day also happened to be the Brass Tap's 5th Anniversary Party and the beer list was not to be passed up. As such, snowstorm be damned, it was time for wings!

Now, multiple members of the Milwaukeewings crew ave had wings multiple times over the years, and sometimes, the Brass Tap's extensive beer list has made the memory of those wings, a bit blurry. That said, the specifics of this review will be limited to our most recent visit but our general thoughts on the wings from past visit will be considered. Any details from possible future visits will be be appended to this review.

Mango Habanero (front) & Lemon Pepper

Checking the menu, 10 wings will set you back $13 (or 20 for $24), which is a bit steep. Want a deal? You can snag wings at $0.75 each on Wednesday nights. You've got your pick of 10 flavor options, but due to me forgetting to take a picture of the menu and their website not being up to date online, I do not remember them all. However, I can tell you that Korean BBQ, Buffalo, Boom Boom, Lemon Pepper, Mango Habanero, and Nashville Hot Dry Rub are among those you can pick from. Trouble deciding? You can split even the small order into two sauces if you'd like, great for indecisive people or those looking to try new things. Wings are served with celery, and your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Having had Buffalo Wings earlier in the day, I opted for something a bit different, I went with Lemon Pepper and Mango Habanero as I don't believe I'd ever had either flavor here before.

Time passes, and a soon a plate full of plump, large, and meaty wings arrive with a light breading. I often find breading can become a soggy mess on wings, but that was not the case with the Brass Tap wings, they stayed nice and crispy throughout. Additionally, the chicken was plump, moist, and super meaty, these are truly some jumbo wings!

Of the two flavors I ordered, the clear winner was the Lemon Pepper. Super flavorful with bright citrus flavors complimenting the chicken and the black pepper. It's not a flavor I often order, but will sure make a point to get it again here. The Mango Habanero didn't make a whole lot of heat, the mango definitely outdid the Habanero. That said, it was still a solid flavor if you're looking for a sweeter wing without a lot of heat.


With some great chicken and a tasty variety of sauces, The Brass Tap proves that yes, you can get good wings at a strip mall bar! Pair this with their amazing beer selection, and you've got yourself a solid wingnight! I'll certainly be back for more, and I'll add those details when the time comes. However, based on this trip (and my past trips) I can confidently declare that The Brass Tap, is a Milwaukeewings Certified Wing Joint!

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