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Wing Review: Studz Pub

The Basics:

Name: Studz Pub

MKE Wings Crew Present: Frank, Amber, Jeremy, Ross, Molly, Jon, Katie

Review Date: August 11, 2022

Wing Special (as of review date): $0.75 wings on Monday and Thursday

The Review:

The MilwaukeeWings crew is back in West Allis, this time at Studz Pub! We're no strangers to this area, many of our recent reviews have been in West Allis, and this town is no stranger to great wings. However, Studz Pub was an unknown to all of the Wing Crew that night, none of us had ever been to Studz before, always fun to try something new.

Seven of us stopped in on a Thursday to partake in the $0.75 wing special (a special they also do on Mondays), a pretty good price for a special given the current state of insane wing prices out there. Normal menu price is $10.95 for 6 or $14.95 for 12. *As always, prices and specials are subject to change at any notice at the sole discretion of the business. MilwaukeeWings is not affiliated with the business being reviewed and may have no notice of any pricing changes.*

Studz's menu is laid out a tad strange, there is no section specifically for wing sauces, but rather they are mixed in with things like "fry sauce" or "onion ring sauce." I mean, I guess you could get your wings tossed in those if you wanted, but for the flavors that I'd consider a wing sauce, the options are as follows: Fiesta Ranchero, Surprise, Spicy Teriyaki, Spicy BBQ, Garlic Parm, Jack Sauce, Sriracha, BBQ, Teriyaki, Hot Sauce, Buffalo Sauce, Honey Mustard, and Thai Chili sauce.

Per usual, we ordered a ton of wings. We always worry a bit at some of these smaller bars about the wait or whether or not the kitchen even has the capacity to cook it all at the same time, but our wings were done super quick, something that is always welcomed.

Wings were of average size and lightly breaded. All wings were tossed with a good amount of sauce. The wings were tasty enough, but something just seemed a bit different than we were accustomed to. All the wings had the somewhat soft texture of a pre-cooked frozen wing like you'd get from the the grocery store, and I think these wings were just that. Fried to heat them up and get the breading a bit crispy, but the end result was the consistency of pre cooked and frozen wing. Again, still tasty enough, just not what I'm looking for when I go out for wings.

While the chicken itself was off the mark, some of the sauces were still quite enjoyable, some notes on the flavors we tried:

Garlic Parm: a solid garlic-forward garlic parm sauce that was the favorite of some of our wing crew that night

Buffalo: classic Buffalo sauce, a bit of heat and a vinegary zip to it. It's a classic flavor not to be messed with, and Studz's Buffalo hits the mark

Spicy Teriyaki: My personal favorite sauce of all the ones we tried! A nice balance of sweet and savory with a good punch of heat, actually may have been the spiciest sauce we had that night!

Honey Mustard: a very creamy honey mustard, nicely balanced sweetness with the zip of the mustard

Thai Chili: Sweet with a touch of heat, but the predominate flavor in this sauce was ginger. I liked it, but some in the group did not care for this one.

Surprise: I love/hate sauces with goofy names like this. I asked what it was, and they wouldn't tell me. Best I can describe this was a slightly spicy mustard sauce, kind of like a South Carolina style BBQ sauce.

Fiesta Ranchero: this sauce was polarizing. It wasn't my cup of tea, but some in the group really liked this. Best I can describe this was like a southwest ranch. Creamy, with a touch of spiciness to it.

The MKE Wings Crew's Favorites:

Frank: Spicy Teriyaki / Surprise Amber: Spicy Teriyaki

Jeremy: Fiesta Ranchero

Ross: Fiesta Ranchero

Molly: Buffalo

Jon: Spicy Teriyaki Katie: Spicy Teriyaki

Conclusion: Studz was a fun place, the bartender, owner, and even the patrons in the bar were super nice to us, we had a great time. The wings? Not as great though. I think there is some potential here, but chicken quality just isn't want I want when I go out for wings, I can get the heat and eat wings at home. I hope to get back to Studz some day, I just might try something else on the menu. Also, big shout out for some cheap beer prices on some tasty imports, that'll get you the beer badge!



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