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Wing Review: On the Clock Bar & Grill

Updated: May 11, 2020

The Basics:

MKE Wings Crew Present: Frank, Jeremy

Review Date: February 13, 2020

Wing Specials?

Mondays $0.50 Boneless

Wednesdays $0.50 Wings

Sunday: $15 All You Can Eat Wings

The Review:

In the early days of Milwaukeewings we reviewed Off the Clock, which somewhere over the years became On the Clock. Why the name change? No idea. But I do remember really liking their wings, so it was time for a long overdue revisit to spot on the corner of Howell and Bolivar!

Wings are available bone-in or boneless, 6 for $6 or 12 for $10 according to the normal menu price. However, On the Clock has multiple wing deals throughout the week! 50 cent boneless Mondays, 50 cent wing Wednesdays, and if you're really hungry, $15 all you can eat Sundays! A fair regular price and multiple great deals? We're off to a good start. (Unfortunately for us, our schedules aligned on a Thursday, so no deals for us)

To maximize my sampling, I ordered 18 wings and 3 different sauces. The wings themselves were large, but not so large that I didn't eat all 18 (although, I should have probably tapped out around 13-14!). The wings had a very light breading, just enough to give a nice crispiness to the wing, but not so much the breading got soggy with the sauces.

17 sauces were on the menu, truly a flavor option for every pallet! From mild to hot their offerings were: Dry Jerk Rub, Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, Sweet BBQ, Parmesan Garlic, Sweet Asian, Mild, Mild Garlic, Hot Mustard, Chipotle, Hot BBQ, Sriracha Honey, Medium, Hot Asian, Hot, Spicy Garlic, and Aw Hell No. For my 18 wings, I went with the following 3 sauces:

  • Hot Mustard: Nice tangy mustard sauce with a bit of mustard heat. I hoped for a bit more heat, but tasty nonetheless, I'd probably call this more of a spicy honey mustard than hot mustard, but that a bit nitpicky.

  • Spicy Garlic: second hottest on the menu, and this one does pack a good amount of heat without punishing you or overpowering the delicious garlicky taste. A great option for heat seeking garlic lovers.

  • Chipotle: Good balance of heat and savory smoke, with a touch of sweetness. A little bit like a BBQ sauce, but not quite as sweet.

Though that was all I ordered, I did manage to try a few other flavors by trading with my friends:

  • Aw Hell No: So, we brought back the tradition of ordering the spiciest sauce on the menu, a tradition I started but was okay seeing die out over the years. But, here we are. As it's name would imply, this sauce was damn hot. Not intolerably hot, but I definitely didn't want more than the 1 wing I had, and definitely not an order of 6! Lot of spice, not too much flavor, and this baby lingered. Heat seekers go nuts, but otherwise I'd say leave this sauce alone.

  • Sriracha Honey - this sauce however, is great. A tasty balance of Sriracha heat and flavors with the sweetness of honey. Sad I didn't order this one for myself, I'd definitely get this one next time.

  • Parmesan Garlic - really sold parm garlic sauce. Creamy, and packed with parmesan flavor, I'd even say the parmesan taste outweighs the garlic. Parmesan garlic can be hit or miss with me, but this one hits the mark.


On the Clock is definitely a 'hidden gem' in the Milwaukee Wing scene, great wings, but I feel most people don't know about it! Great wings, great sauces and sauce selection, and 3 weekly wing specials, what else can you ask for? You should really check them out if you've never been, or if you like me, don't wait so long before checking them out again! They're definitely a certified wing joint!

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