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Quick Wing Review: Eagle Park Brewing Company

The Basics:

MKE Wings Crew Present: Frank

Review Date: May 29, 2021

Wing Special? None

This was a weird day. I went to Eagle Park (Muskego) with five members of the wing crew, and I was the only person to get wings! As such, this review is really incomplete, consider more of a first impression as I Love Eagle Park and find myself there often, I'm sure I'll get the wings again, and I'll update this post.

I've been to Eagle Park (both locations) many times before this post, but this was surprisingly the first time I'd ordered wings! As mentioned above, I was at the Muskego location on this review, and per the Eagle Park website their may be some slight differences in the menu, so keep that in mind. $14 dollars got me an order of brined and smoked wings with my choice of the following flavors: Buffalo, Spicy Dry Rub, BBQ, Jerk, Habanero, Sweet & Savory Ginger, Lemon Parmesan, South Carolina BBQ, or Curry Powder. This came with my choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing as well. I opted for the Jerk flavor.

There were about 10 wings in my order, and they were quite large, I actually only finished 8 of them. The brining and smoking really gives these wings a deep down flavor, the chicken was moist and flavorful down to the bone. Even if you got these wings naked, they'd still be plenty flavorful. However, the Jerk sauce was a bit....lacking. I really was hoping for a bolder, more flavorful seasoning or sauce. What Jerk flavor the wings had was good, there just needed to be way more of it to really hit the mark.

See, I told you it'd be a short review. Next time I'm at Eagle Park, I'll definitely try the wings again, just not the Jerk. So while this review is clearly incomplete, I can certainly hand out the Great Beer Badge to Eagle Park, I mean, they're a brewery, and their beer is freaking amazing!

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