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Getting Back to It!

Hey everybody! It's certainly been a crazy last 12 months, but we seem to be returning

to a bit of normal...hopefully. After we relaunched the site in early 2020, a pandemic derailed all the momentum we had. While unfortunate, I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things here in the upcoming weeks with some more reviews!

With regard to the specials, chicken wing prices are insane right now! Combine that with the uncertainty may bars faced over the past year... it's quite a turbulent time for many bars and restaurants. I just want to remind you that I do not directly represent any of the bars or restaurants listed on the specials page. Any listed special is subject to change and/or discontinuation at the sole discretion of the bar/restaurant! I do what I can to keep our pages up to date, but website is a hobby, not something I can dedicate all my time to. If you're concerned a special may be out of date, please call ahead, I have the phone numbers listed for every place on the specials page. Please continue to support your local wing joints and be understanding, we don't want to lose any of our favorite wing joints!

Additionally, if you're aware of any changes, discontinued specials, new specials, or new establishments, we'd love to hear from you! Please use the contact form and let us know!

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