Who are We?

Who are we?

Milwaukeewings.com has a simple mission: find the best wings Milwaukee has to offer and let you know about them!  My name is Frank, and the self proclaimed “Lord of the Wings”/ “Wingmaster” and head writer for this site.  I am not a professional food critic or a journalist (as evident by poor grammar throughout the site).  I’m just a guy who likes  plate of Buffalo or hot wings, a cold beer, and sports on TV.  I once joked about traveling across the country eating wings as I went and writing a book about my travels.  A friend suggested that maybe I start small, perhaps just focusing on wings within my own city and  Milwaukee Wings was born shortly thereafter.  Every couple of weeks my friends and I descend on a local establishment and partake in their wing offerings after which I post my thoughts on this site.  I hope that you will find this site informative and helpful, particularly the section about wing specials!

Name: Frank Irons
Lord of the Wings, or, The Wingmaster
Ranch or Bleu Cheese: Bleu Cheese of course!
Wings Breaded or no?: Generally, no
Favorite Wing Place?: Points East, Club Garibaldi, Johnny Mo’s, Legend Larry’s
Favorite Wing Flavor: Traditional Buffalo or a Spicy Garlic
Drummies or Flats: Drummies
Favorite Wing Memmory: $0.10 wings and a pitcher of High Life at Brother’s in Madison during college
Hottest Wing Ever?:  Stupid Hot at the Boneyard
Most Wings in a Sitting: 45 back in collegeContact me at: milwaukeewings@gmail.com

Below are my the awesome folks who share my passion for wings and are willing to drive all over the city looking for wings.  With out further adieu, meet the Wingmen!

Name: Ryan Gilkay
Nickname: Cayenne Ryan
Ranch or Bleu Cheese? – Bleu
Drummies or flats? – Drummies
Wings breaded or no? – Either
Favorite wing place? – Johnny Mo’s or the Hideaway
Favorite flavor of wing? – Garlic Teriyaki at Stone Bank
Hottest wing ever? – Stupid Hot at the Boneyard
Most wings in a sitting? – 20-25
Additional bio info:Chickens murdered my family.  Now I’m out for revenge.  Ryan is also in a local cover band, and has some solo things too, check it out:http://www.facebook.com/maraudermke

Name: A
dam Kaminski
Nickname: Kaminski
Ranch or Bleu Cheese? – Ranch
Drummies or flats? – Drummies
Wings breaded or no? – Non-breaded
Favorite wing place? – Nashotah Clubhouse
Favorite flavor of wing? – Nashotah Clubhouse’s Caribbean Jerk
Hottest wing ever? – Nashotah Clubhouse’s Habanero
Most wings in a sitting? – 40 (smaller wings)
Additional bio info:Future founder of Wingaholics Anonymous. Adam has had wings at: Club 400, Fifth Ward Pub & Grill, In Cahoots, Johnny Mo’s, Leff’s Lucky Town, Legend Larry’s, Nashotah Clubhouse, New Berlin Ale House, Paulie’s Pub and Eatery, Points East Pub, Radz Pub, Sportzone, Stone Bank Pub, Sussex Bowl, Village Pub
Name: Josh Walters
Ranch or Bleu Cheese? –
Drummies or flats? – Drummies
Wings breaded or no? – Non-breaded
Favorite wing place? – Tomken’s Bar & Grill
Favorite flavor of wing? – Buffalo, Spicy Garlic
Hottest wing ever? – Stupid Hot at The Boneyard
Most wings in a sitting? – 20
Additional bio info: I’m too sexy for your wangs.Also, along with Ryan above, Josh is in the local band Marauder, check them out:http://www.facebook.com/maraudermke
Name: Rick
Nickname: St-rick-ly Chicken
Ranch or Bleu Cheese? –  None, gimmie the wings
Drummies or flats? –   flat bottom girls
Wings breaded or no? – no
Favorite wing place? –  TomKens
Favorite flavor of wing? –  The squealin’ pig (a bacon reduction inferno sauced wing)
Hottest wing ever? –   Three-way tie:  Stoopid Hot from Boneyard, Between Heaven and Hell from Paulie’s, and Takin’ Care of Business from the Red Rock… When they get that hot, its hard to tell.
Most wings in a sitting? – This goes back to Brother’s days… 60
Additional bio info:  I can completely clean a flat in one pull… that’s right ladies, think about it.


Name: Lindsay Gilkay
Ranch or Bleu Cheese? – Ranch
Drummies or flats? – Drummies
Wings breaded or no? – Breaded
Favorite Wing Place? – Johnny Mo’s
Favorite Flavor of Wing – Honey Mustard
Hottest wing ever? – Do not prefer hotness, I prefer flavor
Most wings in a sitting? –12
Additional bio info: To all other women who try to beat my wingwoman-ness: Bring it!
Website: When she’s not eating wings, she’s eating healthy!  Check out here blog at: http://lindsayblahblah.tumblr.com/  Or you can check out her photography at: http://lindsaygilkayphotography.com/
Name: Jenny Roberts
Nickname:  Jen Su-Shi
Ranch or Bleu Cheese? –  Ranch
Drummies or flats? – Drummies
Wings breaded or no? – Breaded
Favorite wing place? – Red Rock Saloon
Favorite flavor of wing? – Sweet chili
Hottest wing ever? – Hot
Most wings in a sitting? – 10
Additional bio info: I am Frank’s life student.
Name: Ben
Nickname: El Capitan
Ranch or Bleu Cheese? Definitely bleu cheese
Drummies or flats? Drummies
Wings breaded or no? Naked
Favorite wing place? Tomken’s
Favorite flavor of wing? Can’t beat a good classic spicy buffalo
Hottest wing ever? Stupid hot at the Boneyard
Most wings in a sitting? Sure I’ve had at least 35 at the Downstairs in Whitewater
Name: Josh Walter
Nickname: The Professor of Poultry
Ranch or Bleu Cheese? – Ranch has been, and always will be superior to Bleu Cheese. It’s just science.
Drummies or flats? – Drums
Wings breaded or no? – I don’t need to eat a loaf of bread with my wings, thank you very much.
Favorite wing place? – Lucille’s – Can’t beat the price
Favorite flavor of wing? – I love me some Teriyaki
Hottest wing ever? – Stupid Hot at the Boneyard. It was quite literally stupidly hot.
Most wings in a sitting? – 20
Additional bio info: Ain’t no thang but a chicken wing.
Name: Brian Spranger
Ranch or Bleu Cheese? – Ranch
Drummies or Flats? – Drummies
Wings breaded or no? – Is this a sandwich? Of course not!
Favorite wing place: Radz, Giant wings and great sauces. Cash only, no paper trail
Favorite Wing Flavor? – BBQ
Hottest wing ever? – N/A, I prefer to taste my food
Most wing in a sitting? – 26
Additional bio info: Some people exercise, I eat wings.
Name: Amy Gahl
Gahl Force Wings
Ranch or Bleu Cheese? – Ranch, without question
Drummies or Flats? – Drummies!
Wings breaded or no? – NO!!
Favorite wing place? – Johnny Hammers… long wait, but delicious wings
Favorite wing flavor? – Mild and teriyaki
Hottest wing ever? – Anything hotter than medium and I’m done for..
Most wings in a sitting? – 15
Additional bio info: Attended the 2010 National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY



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  1. Aj’s bar and grill in Muskego has $.60 boneless and bone in wings wednesdays

  2. Peppers Pub, 4510 Raynor ave in Franksville. We have $.60 Jumbo wings on Wednesdays. 8 signature sauces ranging from mild to extremely hot. My chili Lime Tequila sauce hits about 4 million Scoville units! Would love to be added to your listing.

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