Wing Street (73)

The Vitals:

Name: Wing Street at Pizza Hut
Where: Various Milwaukee Locations – Find a location near you
Pizza Hut
Review Date:
September 26, 2009
Wing Type: Traditional, Breaded, or Boneless

The Review:

Pizza Hut, really?  When I think wings, this really isn’t the first thing that I think of.  But sometimes its nice to be able to wring some wings home for a night in.  With the blitz of hidden camera TV commercials promising great wings, and the fact that one of their flavors brought home an award from the Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY, I figured I’d give them a go.

No matter where you are in the area, you should probably have a Pizza Hut close to you, so it should be convenient for all.  I chose the location on Port Washington road, placed an order online (check for coupon codes), and got my wings for carry-out.

I was quite impressed that you have quite a few options when ordering.  First you can get your wings served traditionally, breaded, or boneless.  To my knowledge this is the only place that offers wings in all three styles.  After that, you have a choice of 9 sauces (Buffalo Mild, Buffalo Medium, Buffalo Burnin’ Hot, Honey BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Spicy BBQ, Cajun, and Spicy Asian) as well as plain.  I went with Medium and Garlic Parmesan, eight of each.  You could get as few as four wings per sauce, but at that quantity they are almost $1 per wing!  The price for eight wings was also above average, it isn’t until you order fourteen or more that the price becomes average.  I was also disappointed to see that sides cost extra; ranch or bleu cheese sets you back $0.49 per side.

I brought my wings home and went after them.  My first impression was that the wings were quite small, very small in fact.  For what the wings cost, this was quite disappointing.  I started out with the Buffalo and was quite surprised, they were actually pretty good.  Despite the small size, the wings were cooked nicely, moist inside while having a nice, crispy outside with a bit of crunch.  The sauce was flavorful, a nice take on the standard cayenne pepper based traditional buffalo sauce, it was a bit milder than I had hoped for in a medium, but very flavorful.  I was equally impressed by the Parmesan Garlic sauce.  Like the buffalo flavor, these wings were very flavorful and had a nice balance between the garlic and parmesan tastes, each distinctly present.

All in all, not too bad.  If I’m ever feeling like a night in with some wings, I’ll probably give them another go.  Pizza Hut may be on to something here, if the wings were bigger and a bit more economical, these would actually be some darn good wings.

Chicken Quality: Nicely cooked and quite crispy, however, they were TINY! 7/10
Sauce Quality:
Surprisingly, very flavorful and distinct flavors 9/10
Sides Quality:
Average bleu cheese 3/5
Sauce Variety:
Eight flavors plus plain, you should find something you like 4/5
Poor. Chicken isn’t reasonable until you get a large quantity.  Bleu cheese is extra!  1/3

Total: 24/33 = 73

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