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The Original Guide to Buffalo Wings in the Brew City

Stubby’s (79)

The Vitals:

Name: Stubby’s Pub & Grub
Where: 2060 N Humboldt Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212
Review Date: March 7, 2011
Wing type: Traditional, bone –in, breaded
Wing Special: $0.50 wings Monday, 6p-close

The Review:

  • Chicken Quality: Huge wings!  Seriously, these are some of the biggest I’ve come across, the smallest wings in the order were still above average size wings.  The wings have a very nice, light breading on them.  Normally I am not the biggest fan of breaded wings as I feel the breading can soak up too much grease and give the wing an overly fried taste.  However, these wings do not fall victim to that problem and the breading adds a lot to this wing.
  • Sauce Variety: Three flavors on the menu: BBQ, Buffalo, and Honey Habanero.  Plus, during our visit there was a special fourth flavor: Chicken Teriyaki.  I sampled all but the BBQ.
  • Sauce Quality:
    • Honey Habanero – The hottest of their flavors, this one snuck up on you.  At first you had the sweet taste of the honey which was a bit faint, but still present.  Initially there was not a whole lot of heat, but after a little bit the habanero would catch up with you and give you a nice burn to balance out the sweet taste from the honey  Nothing overly hot overall, but some of these wings did seem to be a bit hotter than the others of the same flavor.
    • Buffalo – your traditional Buffalo wing taste, but in my opinion, a bit weak on the heat and the taste.  Perhaps some more sauce on the wing would have helped this one pack a bit more flavor.
    • Teriyaki – The “special’” flavor of the day was quite good.  A very tasty, savory teriyaki flavor balancing sweet and sticky with salty.
    • Sauces overall:  Good starting point, but some room for improvement.  None of the sauces really stood out and made we say “wow",” particular the Buffalo flavor which was a bit bland.  Nonetheless, while limited in selection, there is a flavor here that I’m sure you will enjoy.
  • Sides Quality: Wings served with bleu cheese and ranch along with some celery.  AMAZING bleu cheese, probably some of the best I’ve ever had.  Cool, with a taste of sour cream packed with chunks of bleu cheese.
  • Value: Normal menu price is really expensive ($11.95 for an order) but they


Coming soon

The Final Score:

Chicken Quality: 9/10
Sauce Quality: 7/10
Sauce Variety: 3/5
Sides Quality: 5/5
Value: 2/3

Overall: 26/33 = 79 – There is some real potential here for some spectacular wings, but just a bit off right now.  If they can bring in a few more sauces with a bit more flavor, these could be stellar.

Also, if you’re not feeling wings, you can try to tackle the BJ Raji Burger!  32oz beef patty, 2 Italian sausages, 6 slices of cheddar, 6 slices of Swiss cheese, 12oz of French fries, 8oz of cole slaw, 1 habanero pepper, and a dill pickle spear.  Finish it in 90 minutes or less and get a Stubby’s hooide, a shirt, and the burger is free!

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