Steny’s (85)

The Vitals:

Name: Steny’s Tavern and Grill
Where: 800 S 2nd St Milwaukee, WI 53204
Hours: 11am-2am
Grill Hours: 5pm-12am (M)  11am-12am (T-Sun)
Review Date: September 24, 2009
Wing Type: Bone-in wing, Non breaded, Fried then baked
Wing Special: Tuesday & Thursday 7p-12a $0.40 wings, dine in only

The Review:

  • Chicken: Great!  These have to be right up there with some of the best cooked wings I’ve ever had.  Stenny’s takes the time to bake their wings after the fryer.  I’ve seen other wings cooked this way with mixed results, but Steny’s has this method down pat-  the wing are cooked so that the skin has a satisfying crunch to it, but yet the wing isn’t dried out or chewy.  As for the size, they rand the spectrum, some wings were small, but some were giants.  On the whole, the wings were above average.
  • Sauce Variety: Like the chicken, also a winner.  With a large variety of flavors spanning the heat spectrum, you’re sure to find something you like here.  Flavors are: Hot, Medium, Mild, Hot n’ Honey, Honey, Jamaican Jerk, Cajun, BBQ, Butter Garlic, Butter Garlic Parmesan, Sweet n’ Spicy Garlic
  • Sauce Quality:
  1. Hot – A bit disappointing, not that spicy by my standard and it was all heat without a whole lot of flavor.  Also the wing was a bit drier than I would like, needed more sauce in my opinion.
  2. Medium – I did not sample the medium, but my wingman Ryan did.  Like the hot, he said they were ok, but again didn’t have a whole lot of flavor and not too much heat.
  3. Jamaican Jerk – Most disappointing wing, as I often find with jerk wings, I either love them or hate them.  Steny’s jerk wing was more of a dry rub versus a sauce, and the wing seemed overly charred from its post frying baking session, the char masked the jerk spices.
  4. Honey – Simply honey on their awesome wings, if you like honey, you’ll love this one.  I do not really care for honey, so this one didn’t do too much for me.
  5. Hot n’ Honey – Mostly honey, I really couldn’t detect any heat under the honey.  Again, if you like honey, give this one a shot.
  6. Cajun – Awesome!  Despite being a dry rub wing, I absolutely loved their Cajun wing.  The blend of traditional Cajun seasoning with the crunch of the Steny’s wing was phenomenal!
  7. Sweet n’ Spicy Garlic – This has to be one of the best flavors I’ve encountered thus far.  I substantial garlic taste works well with the deliciously spicy (not too hot, just a bit of kick) yet slightly sweet wings.  Definitely a favorite!
  • Sauces overall: Some flavors were a bit of a disappointment, while others are some of my absolute favorites!  If/when I return to Steny’s I’ll probably just stick with the Sweet n’ Spicy Garlic and the Cajun, I could eat those all day.  I’d like to also try the butter garlic flavors.  In the end, I think if Steny’s could just improve on their medium/hot flavors a bit, this would possibly be my favorite.
  • Sides: Nothing outstanding here, but nothing disappointing either.
  • Value: The normal menu price for wings is one of the lowest I know of at just over $0.50 per wing.  You can get them even cheaper by heading there on a Tuesday for the $0.40 special.  The only downside here is that dipping sauces and celery cost extra.  However, an order of wings with a couple of sides still costs less per wing than most places, so it’s hard to complain too much.

The Final Score:

Chicken 10
Sauces 7
Variety 5
Sides 3
Value 3

Overall  28/33 =  85

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