Sportzone Grill & Bar (73)

The Vitals:

Sportzone is CLOSED

Name: Sportzone Grill & Bar
Review Date: February 24, 2010
Wing type: Traditional, Bone-in

The Review:

  • Chicken Quality: While the wings were cooked very good with a nice crisp outside, these were among the smallest wings I’ve come across.  I was able to easily eat 24 wings and still came away a bit hungry. So while the chicken was of good quality, the size just didn’t do it for me.
  • Sauce Variety: Teriyaki, Jerk, Bourbon BBQ, Hot BBQ, Sweet BBQ, Buffalo, Spicy Garlic (not on menu but available, not sure if it is regularly available).   A decent variety, but a l lot of versions of BBQ.
  • Sauce Quality:
    • Spicy Garlic – I really enjoyed this flavor, you could see the crushed garlic in the sauce and thus, the garlic flavor really came through.  While not hot by any means, there was enough of a cayenne kick to balance the garlic nicely.
    • Buffalo – Similar to the spicy garlic, minus the garlic.  Very traditional cayenne pepper based wing sauce, nothing flashy, but tasty.
    • Teriyaki – A good teriyaki as it wasn’t the overly sweet teriyaki you can find at some places, this sauce was more salty and savory than sweet.
    • Hot BBQ – I could detect just a bit of heat, but the sweetness of this BBQ sauce overpowers any heat.
    • Bourbon BBQ – I really couldn’t taste much difference between this and the Hot BBQ, they were very similar.
    • Jerk – I’m hit or miss with Jerk style wings, but I did enjoy this one.  Good Caribbean Jerk flavors but not overpowering.
    • Sauces overall: Sadly, nothing was spicy enough for me.  While the Buffalo and Spicy Garlic had a bit of heat, I would look for more.  But aside form the lack of heat the sauces were quite tasty with a diverse enough selection for most people.
  • Sides Quality: Very nice and creamy bleu cheese dressing with a some nice chunks of cheese.
  • Value: Normal menu price is pretty good, and is actually very good if you order 50 or more wings.  Wing night is on Wednesday, $0.30 a wing (up $0.05 per wing from when I did the review)


The Final Score:

Chicken Quality: 5/10
Sauce Quality: 8/10
Sauce Variety: 4/5
Sides Quality: 4/5
Value: 3/3

Overall: 24/33 = 73

If Sportzone could bulk up their wings a bit, I think this would be a really good place for wings.  I really liked the place, its very big and they feature fun activities like poker tournaments.  It has the potential to be a great wing place, but it’s not there quite yet.

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