Spitfire’s (70)

The Vitals:

Name: Spitfire’s on State
Where: 5018 W State St, Milwaukee, WI
Review Date: 
August 29, 2012
Wing type: Traditional, bone-in
Wing Special: Wednesday – 20 wings and domestic pitcher of beer for $20

The Review:

Spitfire’s on State occupies the spot where Dinoz on State used to be, in fact, the Dinoz sign is still there.  I loved Dinoz wings and will miss them dearly.  A buddy told me about wings at Spitfire’s long ago when it was a bar in Muskego that has since closed (not sure why).  I wondered if they were as good as they said they were in their new location and decided to give them a go.

  • Chicken Quality: The wings were average sized at best, some quite a bit smaller than average.  However, the wings were cooked perfectly, a nice crispy exterior with the appearance that they’re cooked again after saucing as evident by the char marks of the wing.  Tasty, crisp, and juicy wings with the lone fault of being a bit on the small side.
  • Sauce Variety:  Fifteen flavors to choose from (mild to hot): Garlic Parmesan, Ranch Parmesan, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Ginger Sesame, Mild, Bourbon Mustard, Spicy BBQ, Spicy Garlic, Medium, Caribbean Jerk, Asian Sensation, Hot, Tropical Heat, Hurt so Good
  • Sauce Quality:
    • Tropical Heat – a well balanced sauce with a touch of heat and a sweet, almost pineapple like taste.  Not really too spicy despite being near the top of their heat chart.
    • Hot – my favorite flavor that I sampled, this is your traditional buffalo sauce with a taste of vinegar and cayenne pepper.  As the wings were not overly saucy, the vinegar wasn’t overpowering and left the wings with a decent amount of kick, but nothing too severe.
    • Ranch Parmesan – a bit bland, not a whole lot of taste to this one, faint hints of the ranch and parmesan flavors that I was expecting, but too faint for my tastes.  This was a bit closer to a mild wing for me.
    • Spicy Garlic – a good garlic flavor here but not a whole lot of heat.
    • Hurt So Good – Nothing to crazy here in terms of heat (not too much hotter than their regular “hot” flavor), but the mild eater should stay away.  This flavor hit me with a taste of sweet at first, but the heat gradually developed over the next thirty seconds or so.  A nice flavor if your looking for a hot wing.
    • Sauce Quality Overall: my biggest takeaway from all the flavors is that nothing really stood out, many of the flavors tasted the same and it was often hard to different the flavors and tell what flavor wing you’re eating.  The few folks along with me all agreed the wings were tasty, but nothing really jumped out at us.  I think this also affects my thoughts on the sauce variety….sure they have fifteen flavors, but, if they all taste so similar, is it necessary?
  • Sides Quality:  Served with ranch or bleu cheese and celery if you want it.  I really liked the bleu cheese here, nice large chunks of creamy bleu cheese gave this dressing a very good flavor to cool your pallet.
  • Value: Not really a good value for the wings as the menu price is above average and I’m just not a fan of the Wednesday special: $20 for 20 wing and a pitcher of beer.  As your choices are Miller Lite or Miller High Life (which should be no more than $7 in my mind) that leaves you with 20 wings for $13, or, $0.65 per wing which isn’t great considering the wings were on the smaller side.  There are certainly better values out there as far as the normal menu price and the special are concerned.


The Final Score:

Chicken Quality: 7/10
Sauce Quality: 6/10
Sauce Variety: 4/5
Sides Quality: 5/5
Value: 1/3

Overall: 24/33 = 70

I certainly think these wings have potential but the sauces need to be kicked up a notch and the price needs to be a bit more reasonable for me to consider this a “must visit” wing location.

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