Radz Pub (82)

Radz Pub (82)

Radz Pub has CLOSED

The Vitals:

Name: Radz Pub
Review Date: December 3, 2009
Wing Type: Traditional bone in wing
Wing Special: $0.35 Wings on Tues and Thursday

Radz appeared on the front page of the Waukesha Freeman declaring a wing war on the new Buffalo Wild Wings that was opening up in Waukesha, so me and a few friends trekked out to Waukesha to see how they compared

The Review:

  • Chicken: Really, really good.  Nice big, plump and juicy wings cooked perfectly with a nice crispness to the skin.   Great tasting wings!
  • Sauce Variety: Ten flavors that are listed below, pleasantly surprised to see some pretty unique flavors on the menu including Hawaiian and Buffalo Ranch!
  • Sauce Quality:Chinese Hot – Supposedly the hottest sauce on the menu according to the waitress, but none of us really found it too hot.  Good taste with a bit of heat and a taste of Asian spices, while tasty, this one would be better if hotter.Anthrax – The other supposedly “really hot” wing was also a bit of a let down in the heat department.  Good taste that seemed to be based on a cayenne based pepper sauce, but did not live up to the promised heat.Honey your hot – A blend of honey and heat, but too sweet for my taste.  Reminiscent of the Sweet and Hot Garlic flavor at Steny’s, but without the garlic.

    Buffalo Ranch – I like this idea, putting some ranch seasoning in with the buffalo sauce, a unique variant on a classic.

    Buffalo – pretty standard Buffalo wing taste but a bit milder than i would expect, but good flavor nevertheless

    Hawaiian – This one was way to sweet for my taste, very fruity, full of citrus tastes.  Not for me, but unique and possibly a good option if you’re looking for something a bit different and you like a very mild wing.

    Honey Mustard – Pretty standard honey mustard taste, stronger honey taste than mustard taste, so not too sharp.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of these only because they were a bit too sweet for me.

    Jerk – Surprisingly, a Jerk wing that I like!  I haven’t found a Jerk wing that I’ve liked in quite a while so I was happy to find this flavor.  Slightly sweet with a good blend of Caribbean spices, I’d get this flavor again.

    Teriyaki – I didn’t get a chance to sample this one, but my friends reported a unique Teriyaki flavor, not quite as sweet as you would expect

    Honey BBQ – Good for a Honey BBQ, a bit smoky too

    Taco, Spicy Garlic – RIP, they were on the menu, but not being served.  However, a couple flavors above weren’t on the menu

    Sauces overall – An interesting variety with some unique flavors.  My only real criticism was that nothing was spicy to my tastes or those with me.  You’d have to have a very low heat tolerance to find either Chinese Hot or Anthrax spicy to any degree, and we were warned that those sauces were very spicy.  As usual, I’m not looking to kill my self with heat or suffer through the wings, but there was no wing here that approached my preferred heat level.

  • Sides: Bleu cheese had a good taste, but a bit runny as was the ranch.  Celery was served with every basket of wings
  • Value: Great wing special on two nights (Tues and Thurs) and a good normal menu price

Radz is on the brink of having some really awesome wings, if they can kick up the heat on a few of their flavors and/or add some new ones that deliver some more heat, Radz will go from a good place for wings to a GREAT place for wings.

The Final Score:

Chicken: 9 /10
Sauces: 6  /10
Variety : 5 / 5
Sides : 4 / 5
Value : 3 / 3

Overall: 27 / 33 =  82



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