Points East Pub (91)

The Vitals:Points East

Name: Points East Pub
1501 N Jackson St Milwaukee, WI 53202
Web: http://www.pointseastpub.com/
Review Date:
September 10, 2009
Wing Type: Bone-in wing, Non breaded, Fried then Grilled

The Review:

If you search the internet, many Milwaukee publications and reader polls vote the wings at Points East Pub the best in the city… we shall see.

I arrived with a group of my wingmen and wingwomen at Points East on a Thursday evening to take advantage of their $0.50 wing night (4:30p-10p, dine-in only).    I was pleasantly surprised to see the place wasn’t too crowded.  Points East’s reputation for great wings can cause a packed bar with a long wait for food, especially on wing night, waits of over an hour are not unheard of.

Ordering is simple, you have one choice: Hot Wings.  It’s you’re only option, no flavors, no decisions.  Also, these are NOT Buffalo wings!  Points East is quick to point that fact out, in fact that point is made clear on the menu.  Why aren’t they Buffalo wings?  They’re grilled.    If you take a peek in the prep area, you can see what makes their wings a bit unique.  After coming out from a quick trip to the fryer and a saucing, the wings are tossed on the grill and cooked the rest of the way.  I ordered 15 wings with bleu cheese dressing for dipping; I was told the wait would be about 45 minutes, which wasn’t too bad.  I settled in with a cold beer and enjoyed what I believe to be one of the best jukeboxes in the city.

Almost exactly 45 minutes later, the wings arrived.  A basket full of gorgeous wings grilled to perfection greeted us.  At first glance, the wings were just a bit larger than an average wing, but not the biggest wings I’ve come across.  I concerned that the wings looked a bit dry; grilling the wings cooked away almost all of the sauce.  But, it didn’t matter.  I dove into the wings and was overwhelmed by the taste and texture of the wings.  The grilling gave the wing a nice crispy outside while leaving the chicken very moist and flavorful.  And even though the wing wasn’t dripping sauce, the flavor was intense.  Deliciously spicy, these wings achieved a perfect harmony of flavor and spiciness, neither overpowered the other.  I would actually go as far to say as this was the perfect level of spiciness for me too, it may take a few wings before the heat catches up with you, but it does leave you satisfied.  However, I have to warn anyone that does not tolerate spicy foods well and likes a milder wing, these may be a bit too hot for you, I would encourage you to try one before diving in.  If you do decide to give them a shot at it does get a bit too hot for you, Points East does make sure you get plenty of dressing and celery on the side to help cool you down.

I would love it if they had some more flavors to choose from, but it’s hard to complain when the one flavor they do have is so darn good.  If you want a great wing and you’re not worried about having a large variety of flavors, heat to Points East.  Even if you want a large variety of flavors, head to Points East anyway, these wings are not to miss! I really doubt I’m going to find too many wings better than these in Milwaukee, but  I will not stop looking!

Chicken Quality: Ample size, great taste, cooked to perfection 10/10
Sauce Quality:
Perfect heat and taste 10/10
Sides Quality:
Ample amounts of delicious bleu cheese or ranch and served with celery 5/5
Sauce Variety:
Well, they only have one flavor, which should really warrant a 1, but when you do you one flavor so perfectly, I just can’t do it!  2/5
Normal menu price is average for wings, but the score is bumped to perfect due to Thursday wing special and truly awesome wings.  3/3

Total: 30/33 = 91


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  1. I just moved into the neighborhood and stopped in for TACO’S on Monday(very good) I hope to get a chance to test out the wings on some Thursday night. Looking forward to tipping a few pints at the pub also. As an ex rugby player I do know a little about pints. LOL.

  2. These are the best wings I’ve ever eaten! They are always cooked to perfection and never a miss! We used to live right up the block and had to have the wings quite often to satisfy our craving until we moved from Milwaukee to an hour away in Illinois, northern Chicago. Now we drive an hour just for the wings! And not to mention their fries are amazing and so are their mozzarella sticks! To die for!

  3. ****FIRST OF ALL THERE IS NO SPECIAL ON THURSDAYS ANYMORE*******. They stopped it several years ago but many people still think it goes on. A result of this it is still super packed on thursdays and there is no reward for your long wait. A coworker and I went there last fall and waited literally over 2 hours for our wings!!! Now I agree the wings are great but they are not worth a 2 hour wait. I will never go back because there are other wing places that offer similar wings for cheaper and better service. I would check out Club Girabaldi if you are looking for similar wings with better service and shorter wait.

  4. While the wings are quite good if you are into the dry rub, I do have to take issue with you’re rating of the blue cheese which is solidly adequate at best. 5/5 seems generous.

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