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Painted Parrot

Name: Painted Parrot
Review Date: October 8, 2009
Wing Type: Bone-in wing, Breaded, Fried, Sauce on the side

The Review:

I arrived at the Painted Parrot on a Thursday evening around 6pm to meet up with six of my wingmen to partake in the Parrot’s wing night where a wing will only cost you $0.30.  I knew the bar had a Caribbean theme so I was hoping to enjoy a variety of interesting flavors…

…unfortunately, that did not happen.  Upon arriving I immediately went to the menu and was disappointed to only find three flavors: Jerk, Medium, and Nuclear.  You can also order the wings plain.  As there were seven of us, we had no problem ordering some of every flavor.

Our wings arrived timely and we were all surprised to find that the wings were not coated it sauce, but rather the sauces were served on the side.  As such, I decided to try a plain wing first to get a taste of the chicken itself.  As far as a breaded wing goes, I thought these were great.  The breading was very light and very crispy, not overly breaded or greasy, a problem you can see in breaded wings.  The wings were of average size, but cooked quite nicely, the chicken remained quite moist inside their crispy coatings.

Time to move onto the sauces, I opted to pour my sauces over my wings rather than dipping in an attempt to recreate a more traditional sauced wing.  I first tried the medium sauce, expecting a traditional style buffalo sauce; however, this was not the case.  The Parrot’s Medium sauce was BBQ based, but it did have a decent kick for a BBQ based sauce.  I’m never one to have more than a few BBQ style wings; they’re really not my style of wing.  For me, a good BBQ gives you the best of both worlds, spice with the sweet tanginess of BBQ, and this is where the Parrot’s wing disappointed me; there really wasn’t any sweet to balance the spice.

Next, I tried a nuclear, here was the traditional cayenne pepper based buffalo sauce I was hoping for, but I wouldn’t call it “nuclear.”  It was a good, traditional buffalo style sauce, but it wasn’t too spicy at all, probably about the equivalent of Frank’s Red Hot sauce, which this sauce was probably based on.  However while this was an improvement on the medium, the sauce wasn’t anything unique or overly tasty.

Finally, I moved on to the jerk wing, which I was quite excited for.  Figuring that his was a Caribbean restaurant, I figured the jerk would be exceptionally good.  Now, jerk wings have been very hit or miss with me.  I’ve found jerk wings that I love, and I’ve found ones that I really dislike.  Sadly, the Parrot’s jerk wings fell into the latter category.  I can’t quite pinpoint a sole cause of my dislike, but it really came down to being just too sweet and some odd spices, mainly an odd cinnamon taste.  I wasn’t the only one at the table to get this similar taste from the jerk sauce; all of us were a bit disappointed.

In the end, the only flavor I would recommend is nuclear and oddly enough, plain.  If I were to return to the Painted Parrot, I’d check out some of the other items on the menu before getting wings again, mainly the amazing looking nachos….

Chicken Quality: Average sized wings, but a delicious light and crispy breading 8/10
Sauce Quality:
Only really enjoyed the nuclear. 6/10
Sides Quality:
Pretty average bleu cheese dressing but no celery 3/5
Sauce Variety:
Only 3 options: Jerk, Medium, and Nuclear.  Well, plain too, but that’s not a sauce 2/5
Average normal price, wing night is a plus.  2/3

Total: 21/33 = 64


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