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Legend Larry’s (91)

The Vitals:IMG_0156

Name: Legend Larry’s
Where: 733 Pennsylvania Ave Sheboygan, WI
Review Date: October 3, 2009
Wing Type: Traditional bone in wings

The Review:

I know, Sheboygan isn’t Milwaukee.  But,after hearing about Legend Larry’s and how this this humble Sheboygan bar and restaurant brings home awards from the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY I had to take a bit of trip for these wings.

  • Chicken: Great quality chicken, cooked perfectly.  The only downside was that the wing size was only average and the smaller once s could tend to taste a bit over cooked.  But for the most part they were beautifully cooked, non breaded wings.
  • Sauce Variety: Ten sauces anywhere from mild to the insanely hot (Caribbean Mango, Teriyaki, Honey BBQ, BBQ, Mild, Medium, Hot Garlic, Hot, Scary Larry, and DOA).  A few unique flavors are in there too.  All in all, you’re going to find something you like.
  • Sauce Quality:  I sampled three of their sauces: Scary Larry, Caribbean Mango, Medium, and Hot Garlic
  1. Medium: this sauce has brought home many awards of Legend Larry’s and it shows.  Deliciously spicy and full of flavor, these are hard to beat.  I was a bit surprised by the    heat of these wings for a “medium,” not that I’m complaining by any means, but I think these could compare with the “hot” and some other places I’ve been to.
  2. Scary Larry was probably the best traditional flavor hot sauce I’ve ever had.  Very similar in taste to the medium, but with more heat.  The heat doesn’t hit you at first, but after a few wings you can definitely tell these are hotter than the medium.
  3. Caribbean Mango was good, but really not my up my alley.  While they were quite unique, they were way too sweet for my taste.  However, their sweetness was kind of a nice change of pace to break up the heat of the Scary Larry every so often.
  4. While Legend Larry’s ranks their Hot Garlic flavor above their Medium in terms of heat, I couldn’t taste it.  I’m not knocking the flavor by any means, I just don’t think it was as hot as I was expecting.  That being said, the Spicy Garlic had a nice garlic flavor and slight sweetness to me tasted a bit more like a barbeque sauce than a traditional buffalo sauce.
  • Sauces Overall: From the four I was able to sample, Legend Larry’s has to have one of the best collection of sauces in the area, if not anywhere.
  • Sides:  Great bleu cheese and ranch
  • Value:  While there is no wing special, the normal menu price is great.

The Final Score:

Chicken: 8
Sauces: 10
Variety: 5
Sides: 4
Value 3

Overall  30/33 =  91

Easily some of the best wings your going to find anywhere.  While Sheboygan might be a bit of a hike for some, if you’re craving some truly awesome wings and feel like a mini road trip, definitely check out Legend Larry’s!


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  1. Great place! loved the food!

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