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Leff’s Lucky Town (64)

Leffs1The Vitals:

Name: Leff’s Lucky Town
Where: 7208 W State St Milwaukee, WI 53213
Hours: 11am-2am
Grill Hours: 11am-11pm (M-F)  11am-10pm (Sat & Sun)
Review Date: August 20, 2009
Wing Type: Bone-in wing, Non breaded, Fried

The Review:

I was accompianed by wing Wingman Adam on my first ever visit to Leff’s Lucky Town.  The interior was very spacious, but also very empty at 7pm on a Thursday.  Almost all of the customers were seated outside and this is where we chose to sit.  Leff’s has a very nice outdoor seating area with plenty of tables and seating with outdoor TV’s so you can keep tabs on the game.  Within a minute of sitting down a waitress came over to greet us and take our drink order.

The waitress returned very quickly with our drinks and we were set to order.  We had five choices of sauce to choose from for our wings: Mild, Medium, Hot, Ass Kickin’ and Cajun BBQ.  Never being one to jump the the hottest sauce on the menu I went with hot while my wingman chose Cajun BBQ for a change of pace.  Each order was $8.25, the menu did not specify how many wings were in each order.

The wings took a bit longer to arrive than one might expect for the number of customers, but it provided some time to take down the PBR Tallboys that were on special for $2.50 on Thursdays.  About 20 minutes after our order was placed, our wings arrived.

My first impression of the wings was favorable, a basket full of generously sized wings sat before me.  However, I was there was some disappointment with the garnishments accompanying my bounty of wings.  While the bleu cheese cup was filled the the brim, it was accompanied by one tiny piece of celery.  I cannot understate the size of the celery, it really couldn’t have been more than an inch long.  On the upside, the basket did include a  pepperoncini as a garnish, something I have never seen before Leff’s.

The “hot” wings weren’t all that hot at first, some heat did build after eating a few but I think Leff’s “hot” wings would fall on the medium range at many other establishments.  On the upside, the sauce did have a pretty good flavor.  While it was a pretty standard buffalo style sauce, with nothing really unique or distinctive about it, it did avoid the overly vinegary taste one can sometimes find with this style sauce.  Overal it was  solid sauce, there wasn’t anything that jumped out at me, but it was a fairly tasty sauce with just a enough heat to keep it interesting.

After eating a few of my wings I snagged one of my wingman’s cajun BBQ wings.  After one bite I knew this was a sauce I would not like.  The sauce was very sweet with an almost ketchup-like taste to it, something you might expect in a homemade baked bean recipe.  There was little to no heat and I hardly tasted any cajon seasoning at all.  If I had had an entire order of these wings, I would have been very disappointed.

Aside from the puny celery, the sides were adequate.  The bleu cheese had both a pleasing texture and taste.  The only downside was that the wings had so much sauce it was hard to get any dressing to stick to the wing, but this really isn’t a bad thing now is it?

In the end, Leff’s isn’t a place I would venture out to specifically for wings, but I would go back for the outdoor patio (and may still very well get wings)!

Chicken Quality: The size was more then adequate as the wings were quite large.  However, some were a little drier than I would prefer.  7/10
Sauce Quality:
The “Hot” sauce wasn’t all that hot, but had a simple, familiar buffalo style sauce that I enjoyed.  However, I greatly disliked the Cajun BBQ flavor. 6/10
Sides Quality:
The dressings were fine, and I like the pepper, but I still can’t get over that tiny piece of celery!  3/5
Sauce Variety:
Leff’s offers five varieties of sauces, but four of those are just different heat variants on the classic Buffalo flavor.  3/5
An order of wings will set you back $8.25 for about 11 wings.  Given the size of the wings, the value is pretty fair value.  2/3

Total: 21/33 = 64

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