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Johnny Mo’s (88)

The Vitals:

Johnny Mo’s is CLOSED, now the Tap Room


Name: Johnny Mo’s Bar & Grill
Review Date: October 21, 2009, Re-reviewed Sept 5, 2012
Wing Type: Breaded, bone in wings

The Review:

  • Chicken:  For a breaded wing, I hoped they would be a bit crispier than they were.  The wings were very generously sauced, so that may have had a little something to do with it.  Size wise, these wings were huge, some of the biggest you’ll find. September 2012 update: chicken is still the same, very large wings that are heavily sauced.  At one point I loved my wings dripping in sauce, but after a few years I find these to be a bit over-sauced, but that’s a bit nit picky.  I’m still not a hug fan of the breading and that’s really the only major flaw here.
  • Sauce Variety: Twelve Sauces in all: Eighteen sauces in all (mild to hot): Honey BBQ, Sweet Asian Chili, Teriyaki, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Parmesan Garlic, Mild, Caribbean Jerk, Chili Lime, Mild Garlic, Medium, Chipotle, Hot Asian Mustard, Spicy BBQ, Hot, Spicy Garlic, Armageddon, Boom Boom.
  • Sauce Quality: A fair warning to fans of milder wings, most of Johnny Mo’s wings are toward the hot side, even the ones you would expect to be milder.  Each sauce was very distinct and full of flavor, from top to bottom this is one of the better collections of flavors around! The warning is still true of the 2012 update, particularly for the Chipotle flavor, it’s much hotter than it’s ranking lets on. 
  • Spicy Garlic – My favorite sauce on the menu!  This one is their spiciest sauce on the menu, and you can taste it.  The garlic taste is one that you can see too!  Giant pieces of minced garlic are visible in the sauce.  If you’re a garlic lover, you cannot pass this one up!
  • Hot – Traditional Buffalo taste derived from a cayenne based hot sauce, nothing too original, but why mess with a classic?  Maybe a bit milder than I would expect for hot, but not too far off.
  • Chile Lime – Great combination of traditional Buffalo flavor with a hit of lime, reminiscent of Frank’s Chili Lime hot sauce, key ingredient perhaps?  Unique and awesome, good heat too.
  • Chipotle – Whew, these were some strong wings!  Very heavy chipotle pepper taste graces these wings, and I mean very heavy taste.  I have never been one to care much for a chipotle based sauce; to me they’re too smoky.  However, if you enjoy chipotle pepper sauces, definitely give this one a try!  Quite hot too!
  • Parmesan Garlic – I don’t know if it was that I’d had too many hot wings by the time I got to this wing, but I would say this was the weakest sauce on the menu in terms of quality.  The parmesan taste overpowered any garlic taste, but it was faintly there.  A good option for a fan of milder wings.
  • Hot Honey Mustard Hot Asian Mustard– To me, hot mustard seems a bit hotter than a hot chili, and these wings were no exception, my sinuses were sure cleared out after these puppies.  A bit overpowering, but a tasty spicy mustard with just a hint of honey for balance, if you’re a mustard lover, definitely give them a shot.
  • Sides:  Good dressings and enough of them.  Celery is served with each order, but not very much.
  • Value:  Normal menu price is pretty average, but a great deal on Wednesday nights, $0.40 $0.50 per wing.

What the “Wingmen” and “Wingwomen” Had to Say:

Name Chicken Quality (10pts) Sauce Variety (5pts) Sauce Quality (10pts) Sides Quality (5pts) Value (3pts) Overall Score (100 pts) Additional Thoughts
Ryan 8 5 10 3 3 88 Favorite flavor: Chili Lime.  It’s way out of the way, but, worth the adventure if your like big saucy wings.
Lindsay 9 5 10 3 3 91 Favorite flavor: Honey Mustard.  Tried my hottest flavor so far at any wing night which was Armageddon.  Not too unbearable!
Josh Walter 8 5 7 3 2 76 Favorite flavor: Honey Mustard
Average 8.3 5 9 3 2.7 85

The Final Score:

Chicken: 7
Sauces: 10
Variety: 5
Sides: 4
Value 3

Overall:  29/33 = 88

It’s definitely worth the trip down to South Milwaukee to try these wings.  And to make things even better, in addition to wing night on Wednesday, it’s also $3 New Glarus beers Spotted Cows!  One of the few wing + beer specials I’m aware of.  My score remains unchanged from my first visit over three years ago, the only real changes are more flavors and small price increase, can’t really complain too much about that!


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  1. Ate there tonight and the wings were awesome!!! They also have two flavors not mentioned on your site which are “Armageddon” and “boom boom”… Both hotter than spicy garlic. I had the Armageddon and they are perfect for the hot wing person… Hot but not hot enough to burn your tongue off… Plenty of flavor, too. Definitely recommend for the hot, hot wing eater! Thanks for the website

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