Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub (82)

The Vitals:

Name: Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub
Where: 11302 W Bluemound Road, Wauwatosa, WI
Web: www.jacksonsbrp.com
Review Date: May 3, 2012
Wing Type: Traditional, Bone-In
Wing Special: $0.50 Wings on Wednesdays

Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub is a relative new comer to the Milwaukee bar scene and makes some bold claims about it’s wings on their signage out front, something along the lines of claiming best wings around.  Are they telling the truth or just trying to stir up some business?  The wing crew and I were determined to find out!

The Review:

  • Chicken Quality: The above average sized wings were cooked in my favorite style, a pre cook followed by a saucing, then finished on the grill.  This might not be quite as easy as just frying a wing, but to me finishing a wing on the grill just adds that extra little crispiness and grill flavor that makes for a really good wing in my opinion.  Moreover, the grilling really seems to lock some of the flavor in the to the wing as well.  This is the cooking method you’ll find at Points East, Red Rock, Knucklehead, and Club Garibaldi.  That being said, I loved the chicken quality of the wings, crispy on the outside yet moist, tender, and flavorful on the inside.  The only fault here would be that some of the wings (especially the smaller ones) were a bit too charred on the outside (I suspect that I got the last batch off the grill in our group!)
  • Sauce Variety: Four flavors to choose from, all variations of their general hot wing flavor.  They are Mild, Medium, Hot, and Tough Guy.  The waiter did say that they’re working on a couple of new flavors, but as of today (7/11/12) the aforementioned four flavors are the only ones on the menu online.
  • Sauce Quality: I sampled two of the flavors, Hot and Tough Guy
    • Hot – This isn’t really a Buffalo wing, but more of a hot wing.  I say that as your traditional Buffalo wing will have that vinegary hot sauce taste that is oh so familiar.  But either because of the sauce itself or the fact their grilled after the sauce, what you’re left with here is a very nice flavor and heat throughout the wing.  A great balance of heat and flavor with this sauce.  In terms of heat, this was pretty much just perfect for me and should be comfortable for most wing eaters who prefer a spicier wing.
    • Tough Guy – Definitely not for you mild wing eaters, but nothing so hot that only the true fire eaters can take down this wing.  Similar in flavor to the hot, just with more heat.  For me I’d be able to eat a few of these before tapping out due to the heat, but it wasn’t anything hot enough to incapacitate me like some of the hottest wings we’ve come across (I’m looking at you Boneyard and you’re ridiculous Stupid Hot flavor).
  • Sides Quality: A very good bleu cheese dipping sauce was served with my wings.  Cool and creamy with large chunks of flavorful bleu cheese, this dressing didn’t’ fall victim to the odd sour taste that too many bleu cheese dressings seem to have, definitely one of the better bleu cheese dressings out there.  Wings were also served with ranch and celery.
  • Value:  Normal menu price may be a touch above average, but given the time required to cook, then grill the wings I suppose it’s fair.  The $0.50 wing deal on Wednesday’s is definitely a deal given the quality of the wing.



The Final Score:

Chicken Quality: 8/10
Sauce Quality: 8 /10
Sauce Variety: 3/5
Sides Quality: 5/5
Value: 3

Overall: 27/33 = 82

Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub has some real potential to be one of the top wing joints around.  Perhaps just a few more flavors on the menu just might make this place one of the very best.

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