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Coach’s Pub n’ Grill (82)

The Vitals:

Name: Coach’s Pub n’ Grill
Where: 5356 S 13th St, Milwaukee, WI53211
Review Date: October 4, 2010
Wing type: Traditional or breaded, Bone-in
Wing Special: Monday, 15 wings for $7 or 35 wings for $14 (updated 2012/7/22)

The Review:

  • Chicken Quality: Huge wings!  I was stuffed after about 15 wings.  As for how you wanted them cooked, you have plenty of options here.  You have your choice of getting your wings served in the traditional manner, with a twist that they’re tossed on the grill after their sauced as evident by the slight bit of char on the wings.  You can also get them breaded.  If you go this route the wing sauces are served on the side, I really like is as it keeps the breaded wings crispy.  As one last option, you can get the traditional wings served naked with the sauce on the side.  Aside from being quite large, the wings were of a very good quality, nice and plump and juicy.  The only wing I didn’t care for was the breaded wing as had a bit of a greasy taste (I’m not an overly big fan of breaded wings anyway) however, the breading was nice and crispy.
  • Sauce Variety: Sissy, Hot, Flaming, Nuclear.  I tired Hot, Flaming, and Nuclear.
  • Sauce Quality:
    • Hot – Very traditional Buffalo style flavor with a vinegar based hot sauce.  Strangely, this flavor seemed hotter to me than the flaming or nuclear, I think partly due to the vinegar taste.
    • Flaming – A unique flavor here that I really enjoyed, probably one of the best balances of flavor and heat.  This wasn’t your standard Buffalo flavor, and I can’t quite pinpoint exactly all the flavors here.  It had a taste of black pepper and a touch of sweetness without being too sweet, a little bit of garlic too.
    • Nuclear – Similar to the Flaming in taste, just a bit more heat t=o it, but nothing that I couldn’t handle, but those who don’t handle heat well should probably stay away from this one.
    • BBQ – While I didn’t try the BBQ myself, those with me stated it wasn’t anything over special, similar to a Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce.
  • Sides Quality: I’ve never seen wings served with so much celery! (Not a bad thing) The bleu cheese wasn’t anything special and was a bit weak on the bleu cheese flavor, but there wasn’t anything bad about it like the sour taste you can find in some bleu cheese dressings.
  • Value: Normal menu price is great for the size of the wing and the wing special on Mondays is very good.


The Final Score:

Chicken Quality: 9/10
Sauce Quality: 8/10
Sauce Variety: 3/5
Sides Quality: 4/5
Value: 3/3

Overall: 27/33 = 82

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  1. Hey guys I love this site. Just letting you know that there are a few places you should try that are new. There is Who’s On Third and Lucilles. Also I heard loaded slate has good wings.

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