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Brothers (76)

The Vitals:

Name: Brother’s Bar & Grill
Where: 1209 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Review Date:
December 28, 2011
Wing Type: Traditional, Bone-in
Wing Special: $0.15 wings Wednesdays (9-p until they’re out, a college ID supposedly required)

The Review:

  • Chicken Quality: Wings are a bit undersized as a whole with the biggest wings being just about average in size.  However, if you take advantage of the special night, you surely can’t complain about the size of the wing for $0.15.  The only thing I can complain about is that in my two visits recently the wings have been served to me luke warm at best.  I’m not sure if the chicken itself is cold or if the sauce is put on to the wings after coming out of the fridge or something.  They’re not as cold as the wings we got at our recent trip to the Bosch but they were definitely cooler than one would prefer.  That aside, they’re cooked well for a smaller wing, not overcooked and burnt to a crisp.
  • Sauce Variety: Four options: Original, Spicy Garlic, Hot, & Hawaiian BBQ.
  • Sauce Quality:
    • Original – surprisingly spicy (perhaps it was my chapped lips making it worse) but a nice traditional Buffalo style sauce that I will argue has a hint of garlic to it (despite my friends thoughts otherwise!).
    • Spicy Garlic – after much debate of what flavor was what as the Madison Brothers that I’m used  does their sauce a bit differently we determined this was best sauce here.  Consisting of what I believe to be Parmesan peppercorn dressing, garlic (obviously) and hot sauce, this sauce if full of flavors with just a bit of kick.  Also, as the sauce is dressing based, you really don’t need any additional dipping sauces (ranch or bleu cheese) to compliment this wing.
    • Hot – a spicier version of the original, traditional Buffalo taste
    • Hawaiian BBQ – If you’ve read my other reviews, I’m not a big fan of BBQ on wings (unless they’re grilled) and that was no different here.  A decent BBQ sauce, but a bit sweet with a bit of what I think is pineapple juice… and I’m guessing that’s where the Hawaiian part comes in
  • Sides Quality: Ranch or bleu cheese was available, but I find their wings are so saucy, I really don’t want to add anything else to it.  Likewise, nothing is too hot that you need a dressing to cool the wing down at all.  So I’ll give them a 4 for the sake of the review as they do offer your choice of dressing, but I’ll knock ’em for no celery.  Fair, perhaps not, but it’s my review!
  • Value: The normal menu price is quite reasonable at $6.50 per order, but the true value comes from the $0.15 wing special on Wednesdays, you can’t find much better than that nowadays.

Chicken Quality: 6/10
Sauce Quality: 9/10
Sauce Variety: 3/5
Sides Quality: 4/5
Value: 3

Overall:  25/33 = 76 – This review may be a little nostalgia biased as Brothers wings were a staple food for me in my later years of college.  Back then they were $0.10 on Wednesday’s and a bucket of 5 Miller High Lifes was a mere $5.  Although I guess one can’t complain that here we are 5 years later and the wings only went up $0.05 cents and that bucket of beer only went up a $1.  While I don’t think they’re the best wings out there by any means, they’re definitely tasty and a incredible value for $0.15 a pop. I know of very few places where $10 nets you five beers and 26 wings! (That’s without tip, and I know that’s something you’d never do!  Tip your bartenders and wing-makers well!)My only real complaint about heading to Brothers for their “Wing Ding Wednesday” (both Milwaukee and Madison) is their crowd control and ordering process.  I’d wager over 75% of the patrons are there for wings and everyone all lines up to place their order at one window.  It can make for a crowded and hard to navigate experience (Madison WAY worse than Milwaukee on this) but if you’re patient and don’t mind standing in a line for approximately an hour, you’ll be fine.

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