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Milwaukee Wings launched in 2009 and I was in my mid-20’s.  Ah to be young again.  Since thing, things happen, mainly life… and I tragically don’t have the time to go out for wings 1-2 times a week and write reviews.  Hoping to breathe a little life back into the site, I’ve really shifted my focus onto keeping specials up to date.  Moreover, in 2018 I’ll debut a more simplified review system, so that when I do get a chance to get some wings, I can get it up here a bit easier.

This archive serves for a home of for all of the “original” reviews we did over the years.  Some may be accurate, some not so much, and maybe some of these places don’t even exist anymore!

The original scoring system:

A score of 90+ are truly phenomenal wings that are worth going out of your way to get your hands on them, truly the best of the best.
A score of 80-89 are still awesome wings, but not necessarily worth going well out of your way for.  These wings are still some of the best you will find.
A score of 70-79 are great wings worthy of having a wing night for, but there are better options.
A score of 60-69 are decent wings, if you happen to find yourself at one of these establishments wings would make a fine choice, but I wouldn’t go there specifically for wings
A score of 50-59 are passable, but you might be able to find something better on the menu.
A score of 49 or less means something has gone very, very wrong.  I would strongly advise to not order wings.


Colonel Hart’s (76)
Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub (82)
Knucklehead Pub & Grub (85)
Off the Clock (82)
Saloon on Calhoun (76)
Spitfire’s (70)


Black Rose (67)
Bosch Tavern (64)
Brewski’s (82)
Brothers (76)
Curly’s Waterfront Bar (76)
Oscar’s Pub & Grill (70)
Red Rock Saloon (91)
Stubby’s (79)
Varsity Club (73)


Boneyard Pub & Grille (85)
Bowery (82)
Coach’s Pub n’ Grill (82)
Finn’s (61)
Flannery’s (64)
Fuzzy’s Pub & Grill (73)
Grainger’s Pub & Grill (73)
In Cahoots (70)
Jonny Hammers (82)
Neighbor’s Pub & Grill (82)
Sussex Bowl (79)
St. Francis Brewery (61)


Club 400 (58)
Club Garibaldi (85)
Leff’s Lucky Town (67)
Legend Larry’s (91)
Magoo’s (Now 4th and Long) (88)
Nashotah Clubhouse (70)
Points East (91)
The Hideaway (85)
Steny’s (85)
Wing Street (73)

Places no longer with us:

Johnny Mo’s
Painted Parrot
Radz Pub
Sportzone Grill and Bar


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