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The Neighbors Bar & Grille (82)

The Vitals:

Name: The Neighbors Bar and Grill
S16 W22255 Arcadian Ave Waukesha, WI 53186
Review Date: July 15, 2010
Wing type: Traditional bone in, Grilled wings
Wing Special: Thursday $0.50 wings

The Review:

  • Chicken Quality: The Neighbors grill their wings for the whole cooking process which is fairly unique, not too many places go this route.  However, they use a very good quality wing and the grilling works very well.  Large wings, plump, juicy, and the grilling gives the wings a nice smoky taste with a nice crispy outside.
  • Sauce Variety: Four flavors: Mild, Wild, Smokin’ A, and Sticky (BBQ)
  • Sauce Quality:
    • Mild: I didn’t care for the mild, a bit of tomato taste, a bit bland and didn’t really add anything to the wing for me.
    • Wild:  In contrast to the mild, this flavor was quite good.  Not really all that hot (I’d equate it to a medium elsewhere) but the taste was unique, there was something more to this sauce than just the traditional cayenne pepper sauce and butter, but I can’t quite pinpoint what that additional taste is.  Whatever it is, it tastes good and makes for a unique experience.
    • Smokin’ A – This is the current name for this sauce.  When I went there it wasn’t on the menu and it was called Flaming Anus….probably for the best that they changed that.  Despite it’s name it really not all that hot, well, not all that much hotter than the Wild anyway.  However, the extra little bit of heat pushed it up to around to what I deem the perfect level of spice, so I really enjoyed these.  The flavor was similar to the Wild in that it had some traces of a traditional sauce, but processed a unique flavor I couldn’t quite pinpoint.
    • Sticky (BBQ) – While I’m normally not a big BBQ wing fan, I think this was my favorite flavor here.  It really has to do with the grilling.  BBQ sauce and that char from the grill is a great match here.  The sauce itself had a nice smoky taste as wasn’t over sweet.  The only improvement here would to give the sauce a bit more of a kick, but that’s nitpicking.
    • Sauces overall:  A few more flavors would be great… I think a good Teriyaki would go great with the grilled wings.  As for the sauces they do have, quite good, particularly the BBQ.
  • Sides Quality: Wings served with a little bit of celery.  Nice creamy bleu cheese with chunks of bleu

  • Value: Normal menu price is pretty steep at upwards to $1.00 per wing (it’s less when you get more, but not by that much).  I’m guessing the price is due to the time involved at in grilling them.  However, they do have  $0.50 special on Thursdays which is an awesome price for these wings.


The Final Score:

Chicken Quality: 10/10
Sauce Quality: 8/10
Sauce Variety: 3/5
Sides Quality: 4/5
Value: 2/3

Overall: 26/33 = 82

Very unique wings here and worth checking out.  The price is a bit steep when they’re not on special, but the special price is great for the quality of wing you get.

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