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The Hideaway (85)

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Name: The Hideaway Pub & Eatery
9643 S 76th St Franklin, WI 53132
Review Date:
September 30, 2009
Wing Type: Bone-in wing, Breaded, Fried

The Review:

The Hideaway is just that, hidden away in Franklin near the intersection of Ryan Rd and S 76th St.  I really have no reason to head down to that area whatsoever, but I head they had some pretty good wings, so I ventured out and headed south to get my wing fix…..

I arrived at the Hideaway with my biggest group of wingmen/women yet, there were six of us in total to take part in the Hideaway’s wing night.  We arrived at about 6pm and were a bit worried, the parking lot was full and cars were parking on the street, apparently wing night was quite popular!  We went inside and the bar was packed to capacity, not a table or spot at the bar to be had, we were a bit worried we may have to go elsewhere for our wing fix.  However, the Hideaway also has a large reception hall like dining area with a ton of seating, so we decided to seat ourselves in there.

The Hideaway offers nine flavors of wings: Wimpy, medium, hot, inferno, honey-mustard, BBQ, teriyaki, thai-chili, and jerk.  With six of us dining tonight, we were able to order just about every flavor they had.  Also, the Hideaway only requires a minimum of 5 wings per sauce on Thursday wing night, so even with a few people it would be easy to sample many flavors.

Our wings arrived only about 15 minutes after ordering, which was very impressive considering the place was very busy and it appeared just about everyone was having wings.  At first glance, these wings were HUGE, right up there with the biggest wings I’ve ever seen.  They were also breaded, something I’m usually not that fond of, but the breading didn’t appear too heavy, which was encouraging.

The wings were quite good.  While breading is normally a turn off for me, the Hideaway’s breading was quite light and crispy, not overly heavy and greasy like some breaded wings (but I would have liked them to be just a tad crispier than they were).  Also, for whatever reason you could get a wing that was a bit soggier than the rest and not all that good, but this was small minority of the wings.  The chicken itself was plump, juicy and full of flavor.

As for the sauces, the majority were excellent:

Thai- Chili:  Not as spicy as I had hoped, but a nice blend of Asian spices, a touch of sweetness with just a bit of heat.
Jerk:  My least favorite flavor, a little too bland unless you got a heavily sauced wing.  Even then, the flavor was a bit too sweet, I’ve had much better Jerk wings out there.
Honey Mustard:  Works quite well with the breaded wings, whereas this probably wouldn’t be too good on a naked wing.  Nice mustard taste without having too much of a honey flavor.
Hot: Great flavor, great heat, nice buffalo style flavor.  This flavor provides a satisfying burn but not so much that it covers up the spices and flavors of the wings.
Inferno:  Not as hot as I was expecting, hard for me to differentiate this one from the hot.  But like the hot, a great flavor.
Teriyaki:  Pretty standard teriyaki wing, much like the honey mustard I think this flavor works quite well with the breaded wings.  Not as sweet as some Teriyaki wings which I liked.
BBQ: Tangy, smoky, savory traditional BBQ sauce, mildly spicy, not overly sweet.  They were quite good for a BBQ wing.

The wings are severed with your choice of bleu cheese dressing or ranch, no celery is served.  Both the dressings were of average taste and texture, but nothing overly special.

All in all, I think the Hideaway’s wings hold their own against some of the best wings in Milwaukee.  While it’s a bit off the beaten trail, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Chicken Quality: Gigantic breaded chicken wings, only wished the breading was a bit crispier 9/10
Sauce Quality:
Most were quite good, but some lacked flavor 8/10
Sides Quality:
Pretty average bleu cheese, but nice and chunky, no celery 3/5
Sauce Variety:
Large variety, you’re sure to find something you like 5/5
Good normal menu price for their giant wings and a wing night on Thursday.  3/3

Total: 28/33 = 85


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  1. Did not care fore these wings…to much breading and anyone can just pour franks red hot on them and send them out…they are OK…but if your going to drive out to Franklin there are many better spots to go…

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