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Off The Clock (82)

The Vitals:

Name: Off the Clock Bar & Grill
Where: 4301 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI
Review Date: July 15, 2012
Wing Type: Breaded, bone-in
Wing Special: Monday – $0.40 boneless wings.  Wednesday & Sunday – $0.45 traditional wings.

The Wingmaster’s Review:

  • Chicken Quality: First and foremost, these wings were huge!  The smallest wings on my plate were still slightly above average size with the largest wings on my plate being absolutely gigantic.  Off the Clock serves their wings with a light breading, something I really don’t care for too much as the breading can too often become soggy due to the sauce.  Some of my wings managed to stay a bit crispy, but some got a bit too soggy.  Also of note was that some of the wings seemed to be a bit dry in texture, but it wasn’t all of the wings.  Overall, good quality chicken here aside from the fact I really didn’t’ care for the breading.
  • Sauce Variety: Alongside plain wings, the offer 14 sauces on the menu: Teriyaki, Sweet BBQ, Honey Mustard, Parmesan Garlic, Sweet Asian, Mild, Chipotle, Hot Mustard, Hot BBQ, Fire Asian, Medium, Hot, Spicy Garlic, Fire in the Hole.  There was also a brand new sauce that was not on the menu: Siracha Honey
  • Sauce Quality: I was able to try eight of their flavors
    • Parmesan Garlic: a nice blend of creamy parmesan cheese sauce and garlic, this sauce was very flavorful and a great option for the mild wing eater, or anyone just looking for a tasty wing.
    • Chipotle:  I would say this flavor was a bit hotter than the heat scale indicates.  Like most things chipotle, the heat really doesn’t hit you up front, you get a very smoky, almost BBQ like taste.  However, a few seconds later the heat kicks in and is mentioned, was a bit more than I was expecting but a good sauce none the less.
    • Hot Mustard:  A bit sweeter than anticipated and not as hot as I was expecting, this mustard sauce still satisfied blending a taste of honey with a tangy mustard punch.
    • Fire Asian:  A flavorful sauce reminds me of General Tsao’s chicken at your local Chinese joint.  Sweet and sticky, this sauce works quite well with the breaded wings.
    • Hot:  A very good traditional buffalo wing sauce, but not as hot as the menu would make you believe (there’s a little cartoon smiley face in pain by it).  Heat wise I could comfortably eat an entire order of this flavor if I needed to, a very pleasant level of heat.
    • Siracha Honey: This brand new flavor that apparently debuted a day earlier at the Rock the Roost wing festival, and I hope it stays on the menu.  Siracha, which many may call Rooster Sauce due to the rooster on the bottle, is a staple in pretty much any Chinese restaurant and one my favorite hot sauces.  Combine this distinctively flavorful hot sauce with honey and a deliciously sweet and flavorful sauce with just a touch of heat is the result.
    • Spicy Garlic: Like the Hot flavor, the heat scale in the menu would lead one to believe this flavor is hotter than it actually is.  Very similar in flavor to the Hot, but with a liberal use of real diced garlic that you can see right in the sauce.  As a garlic lover, this was one of my favorite flavors here.  Like the hot there was a good level of heat here without being too hot.
    • Fire in the Hole: Similar in flavor to the Hot, but a really big jump in heat from the hot.  This flavor really didn’t hit me at first, but after a short delay my throat was burning and my nose was running!  Hot posed no trouble for me, but I wouldn’t want to eat more than a few of these wings due to it’s heat level.  However, if you’re really into the hotter than hot flavors, give this one a go.
  • Sides Quality: Wings were served with bleu cheese or ranch alongside celery stalks.  I really didn’t care much for the bleu cheese dressing and thus hardly used it as it was just too sweet for my taste, not cool and creamy enough.  The ranch was a good alternative however.
  • Value:  Off the clock is definitely a good value for wings.  The normal menu price is $4.95 for six, for $8.95.  Considering the size of the wing this price is more than fair, especially if you order 12.  However, the real deal here is one of their THREE wing specials: $0.40 boneless wings on Mondays as $0.45 traditional wings on Wednesdays and Sundays.

What the “Wingmen” and “Wingwomen” Had to Say:

Name Chicken Quality (10pts) Sauce Variety
Sauce Quality
Sides Quality
Overall Score
Additional Thoughts
Ryan 8 5 9 3 3 85 Favorite flavor: Sweet Asian.  “Big wings!  Big variety!  Bring your appetite!”
Josh 10 5 8 4 3 91 Favorite flavor: Parmesan garlic. “Fantastic service.  11 people and we were all served extremely promptly.  Any errors were corrected in our favor.  Chicken quality was fantastic as well as wing temperature.  This is especially fantastic considering the number of people (in our group).  Only complaint is the heat, pretty good heat-wise, not not overly hot.  Feel free to eat spicy garlic if you don’t have a heat tolerance.  Parmesan garlic had a great flavor, oily, yet garlicky.”
Rick 7 4 7 2 3 70 Favorite Flavor: Hot Mustard.  “I like place with a rotating special flavor” [In reference to the Siracha Honey]
Adam 7 5 9 4 3 85 Favorite Flavor: Siracha Honey.  “Fire in the hole still had a good flavor for beings a ‘hottest’ wing.”
Jen 7 5 9 5 3 88 Favorite flavor: Hot Mustard.  “Many of the flavors weren’t as hot as the menu made them seem, but they were all delicious.  I would definitely come here again!  The service was also excellent.  This is one of my favorite places now.”
Lindsay 7 5 9 4 3 85 Favorite flavor: Hot Mustard.  “Size of wings was great, chicken was a little dry, but overall, my 2nd favorite places now.”
Average: 7.7 4.8 8.5 3.6 3 84  


The Wingmaster’s Final Score:

Chicken Quality: 7/10
Sauce Quality: 9/10
Sauce Variety: 5/5
Sides Quality: 3/5
Value: 3/3

Overall: 27/33 = 82

A really good destination if you’re looking for wings, and with three wing specials you have good odds of getting a good deal.  Additionally, this place had one of the more impressive bar menus that I can recall and there are a lot of things on that menu that I’d like to try.  The problem with that?  I’d have to not order the wings!

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