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Magoo’s (88)

The Vitals:Magoo's

Name: Magoo’s Sports Bar & Grill
Where: 8911 W National Ave West Allis, WI 53227
Review Date: September 3, 2009
Wing Type: Bone-in wing, Non breaded, Fried, Cooked post frying
Special: $0.35 Wings Wednesdays
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The Review:

The Magoo’s menu boasts having the best wings in town, a pretty bold claim.  However, I cannot really disagree with that claim at this point as these are the some of the best wings I’ve ever had.  I was joined by three other wing-eaters on this excursion so we had most of the 12 flavors on the menu menu covered in terms of the flavors.  While there was no extremely unique or unexpected flavor on the menu, Magoo’s does offer a full range of flavors that are sure to please any wing eater:  Plain, Mild, Medium, Hot, Tough Guy, Flaming, Thai, Teriyaki, Hot Teriyaki, BBQ, Spicy BBQ, and Caribbean Jerk.  The three of use ordered ten wings each of Mild, Medium, Tough Guy, Thai, Hot Teriyaki, Caribbean Jerk and Spicy BBQ.

It was just before 6pm on a Thursday evening and it wasn’t too busy yet, just a few regulars hanging around the bar and we didn’t see anybody eating.  As such, we hoped for a quickly delivery of our wings and we were not disappointed, no more than 10 minutes after placing our order the wings were being placed on the bar in front of us.  First impressions were favorable as most of the wings were of average to above average size.  While the size of the wing was more than adequate, one thing disappointed me, lack of sauce.  As noted in previous reviews, I am a fan of the wing that is doused with sauce.  Magoo’s wings definitely appear to undergo another round of cooking after their initial frying.  While they were a bit drier than I would prefer, I held out hope as they were not as dry looking as wings in previous reviews.

I started with my Caribbean Jerk wing and was quite impressed.  The chicken was cooked to perfection, very hot and quite moist with a nice crunch to the skin.  The Jerk flavor was very prevalent despite the apparent lack of sauce.  The flavor had a nice blend of sweet and heat but wasn’t overly hot in any way, this flavor was a winner.

I moved on my Tough Guy wings.  I recall eating at Magoo’s nearly two years ago with a group and I struggled to find a traditional flavor wing that I liked as even the “Hot” was way too mild for me.  It wasn’t until my second visit that I tried the Tough Guy flavor.  For me this was the perfect heat in a wing, spicy enough to make it interesting, but not so spicy it’s actually a chore to eat the wing.  While the Tough Guy wing definitely has a good flavor, it really wasn’t the traditional Buffalo flavor I’m used to, it wasn’t buttery and didn’t have the slightly vinegary taste of a cayenne pepper sauce.  However, this really isn’t a bad thing at all, just different.

After eating a couple wings each of my flavor, it was time to start trading wings and sampling my friends wings.  I started first with the Hot Teriyaki which was probably my least favorite wings that I tried.  The flavor wasn’t necessarily bad; it just didn’t taste like Teriyaki at all.  With a variety of other much better flavors, I would avoid the Hot Teriyaki.

I next moved on to the Hot BBQ which had a very good BBQ taste with just a touch of sweetness, but it didn’t have as much heat as I would expect in a Hot BBQ flavor but it was good nevertheless.  The Hot BBQ wings were also a bit saucier than the other flavors which was nice.

The final wing I tried was the Thai flavor.  Again not necessarily what I expected, but I really liked them.  They had quite a salty taste, but with just a bit of heat and sweetness this flavor was very tasty, I actually wish I had ordered this too as the one I tried wasn’t enough!

Magoo'sThe sides at Magoo’s are superb. The wings come with both celery and your choice of bleu cheese or ranch as a side. As usual, I went with bleu cheese and I was not disappointed.  To date, this was the best bleu cheese dressing I have ever had with an order of wings.  Very creamy and full of delicious chunks of bleu cheese made this the must have dressing for their wings.  I was also able to sample the ranch which was also quite good, but not to the same level of the bleu cheese.  Also, celery is served with the wings at no extra cost.

The value at Magoo’s is excellent, especially if you can get some friends together and go for the 50 wing order as the price is just a bit over 50 cents per wing.  But even at the smallest quantity, the price per wing is less than average.   Magoo’s also offers discounted wings on Wednesday nights when they’re just $0.35 per wing.  Combine the price value with the tremendous quality of the wing and you have a overall value that’s hard to beat.  (Normal menu prices as of 9/3/03: 10 wings – $6.29, 20 wings – $11.49, 30 wings – $16.99, 50 wings – $26.49)

I loved these wings; I really don’t think I can say it any better than that.  While it’s still early in my quest for the best wings in Milwaukee, I can’t imagine Magoo’s being far from the best when it’s all said and done.

Chicken Quality: While they weren’t necessarily the biggest wings I’ve had, the quality was fantastic!  Moist, but with a nice crunch to the skin these wings are hard to beat! 9/10
Sauce Quality:
Most of the flavors had an awesome taste, but there were a couple I would pass on next time.  Also, the fact the wings were a less saucy than I would want hurts this score a bit too.  8/10
Sauce Variety:
12 flavors, but 5 of them are just a different heat level of their basic flavor.  However, there should be something for everyone here. 4/5
Quality: The dressing was included and right up there with the best bleu cheese I’ve ever had and celery was served at no extra cost nets Magoo’s a perfect score in this category. 5/5
Value : Great wings, great price, perfect. 3/3

Total 29/33 = 88

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  1. Really think it may be time for an update on this one. I used to be a huge fan and regular customer of Magoo’s but their wings have really gone downhill.

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