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Lucille’s Rockin’ Pianos (70)

IMG_1959 The Vitals:

Name Lucille’s Rockin’ Pianos
Where: 1110 N Old World 3rd St Milwaukee, WI 53203
Hours: Click Here
Review Date: December 23 & 30, 2009
Wing Type: Bone-in, traditional non-breaded
Wing Special: Wednesday, Free wings 8-9p, $0.25 after 9p

With a deal as good as Lucille’s offers (FREE WINGS), I ended up there twice in two weeks.  Normally I’m not that big of a fan of Lucille’s or the whole piano bar thing in general.  It always seems to be the same songs every time I go and I have to hear the happy birthday song about five times a night.  Luckily for me, their are no pianos playing on Wednesday and Lucille’s offers free games like beer pong and bags for entertainment.  Wednesday was at one point advertised as Rock Band night and promoted that you could play the Rock Band video game, however, in my two visits, there was no Rock Band to be found.  It’s also worth pointing out that Lucille’s probably offers the best drink special in combination with a drink special that I’m aware of, half price drinks all nigh long.

The Review:

  • Chicken: Surprisingly, pretty good for a free wing.  Decent size, probably average to just above average, but cooked really well with a nice crispy skin and juicy inside.
  • Sauce Variety: Only three sauces to chose from: Mild, Hot, BBQ
  • Sauce Quality:
  1. Mild – Very standard buffalo sauce from a cayenne pepper hot sauce.  While nothing unique or spectacular, it is a classic, no complaints here.
  2. Hot – Similar to the mild in taste.  On our first visit I couldn’t tell a difference between mild and hot, on our second visit, the hot was noticeably hotter, but not substantially.  I’m not sure if this was kitchen error, my taste, or the sauce heat was actually different.
  3. BBQ – Pretty standard BBQ sauce, not very sharp, sweet and tangy taste
  • Sides: Nothing to praise, but nothing really to complain about either.  Bleu cheese is included, even with the free wings.  While not the greatest of blue cheese, I’ve had worse.
  • Value: I’m not sure if I can understate the value of these wings….FREE on wing night.  The normal menu price is pretty average, $8.95 per pound, pretty typical.  But for one hour a week, they’re free!  The first night I went the place was dead, but to be fair there was a blizzard going on.  There were five of us and between 8-9p we snagged about 54 wings, they were bringing them to us 18 at a time, 6 per sauce.  Our tab for 54 wings, a few beers and a couple of sodas? $14.  It was a bit busier on our second visit (no blizzard) but we were still able to get a couple of orders of free wings.  Even if you miss the free wings, $0.25 is still a value after 9pm.

The Final Score:

Chicken Quality: 8
Sauce Quality: 7
Sauce Variety: 2
Sides Quality: 3
Value: 3

Overall 23/33 = 70

While not the best wings you’ll find in the city, I think it will be extremely hard to beat Lucille’s in value, both in wings and in an accompanying drink special.

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