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Knucklehead Pub & Grub (85)

The Vitals:

Name:  Knucklehead Pub & Grub
Where: 100 South Rd, Eagle, WI
Review Date: 
January 26, 2012
Wing Type:   Traditional, Bone-in
Wing Special: Tuesday $9.95 All you can eat wings, Thursday $0.35 Wings

The Review:

It was a wing field trip back in January when we headed out to Eagle for some wings.  Probably wouldn’t normally travel this far for wings, but I’d heard good things and wanted to check it out.  Thankfully my birthday was a few days prior, so I had some leverage regarding the travel argument to get some friends out with me.  The question was, were the wings going to be good enough to make the journey worth it?

  • Chicken Quality:  Great tasting, high quality wings were a welcome site and taste after was was a fairly long drive for wings.  The wings were prepared in what has to be my favorite manner of cooking them: first frying them to get them mostly cooked, then sauce/season them and finish them off on the grill.  This method really crisps up the outside of the wing and cooks the flavor right into the chicken along with getting a bit of that distinctive grilling taste.  Definitely some tender, juicy, top notch wings!
  • Sauce Variety:  Good variety of sauces that should please just about everyone… Fajita, Stadium BBQ, Mild, Thai Chili, Jerk, Garlic Ranch, Medium, Hot, Atomic  
  • Sauce Quality:  I wasn’t able to sample every sauce, but the ones I was able to try are as follows:
    • Garlic Ranch – an interesting flavor that combines a strong garlic taste with a faint undertone of traditional tastes of ranch dressing flavors.  This combination really seemed to work well with the style of wing and was a great flavor for someone looking for a lot of taste without too much heat.
    • Thai Chili – A nice “sweet heat” for lack of a better term, this one won’t burn your taste buds off like some traditional Thai food, but is more akin to General Tsao’s chicken you might find at a Chinese restaurant, but far less sweet than that.  Probably one of my favorite flavors here.
    • Jerk – Like the garlic ranch, this flavor works very well with the cooking method used.  As I’ve mentioned in prior reviews, I either love or hate a jerk wing, there really is no middle ground.  This is one of the Jerk flavors that I loved and definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a little Caribbean taste.
    • Hot – Not really your traditional Buffalo style hot, this wing had more of a fresh hot pepper taste and not the vinegary taste you get with a traditional hot Buffalo wing.  As such I was a bit disappointed by this flavor, moreover, for whatever reason it didn’t work as well with the cooking style as the above flavors.  Not a bad wing, but, not really what I was expecting.
    • Atomic – Very similar in taste to the hot, but much, much hotter.  Not much in the way of upfront heat, but after a minute or so this one really gets your mouth burning.  Not hot enough to cry over, but, anyone adverse to spicy foods should definitely avoid this one!
    • Fajita – Another mild flavor, but another flavor that works very well with the natural smoky taste of the wing here.  The flavor is reminiscent of a ready made fajita seasoning packet you can buy at your local grocer, but nonetheless it is quite scrumptious and not a flavor you see every day.
  • Sides Quality:  Wings were served with either ranch or bleu cheese.   Sadly I didn’t care for the bleu cheese as it had an odd, sour taste to me.  Ranch was your typical traditional ranch, but is the better option of the two choices in my opinion
  • Value:  Normal menu price is quite reasonable, especially if you get larger quantities.  On Tuesdays you can find $9.95 all you can eat wings and on Thursdays there’s a $0.35 wing special.  So all in all, a good value.


The Final Score:

Chicken Quality: 10/10
Sauce Quality: 7/10
Sauce Variety: 5/5
Sides Quality: 3/5

Overall:  28/33 = 85 – It’s a bit out of the way unless you happen to live in Eagle, but, if you ever find yourself passing through a stop at Knucklehead’s is pretty much mandatory so you too can try some great wings!


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  1. Good to see you back on action! If you like this style of wing, you should check out Jackson’s Blue Ribbon, 114th and Bluemound. KILLER wings.

  2. I’ve been there, it’s one of the next reviews in line to be written!

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