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Sussex Bowl (79)

The Vitals:

Name: Sussex Bowl
Where: N64 W24576 Main St, Sussex, WI 53089
Review Date: Saturday, April 4, 2010
Wing type: Traditional Bone-in
Wing Special: $0.50 Wing Lunch Special, M-Th 11a-3p
Wing Challenge: Death Wing Challenge

For starters, Sussex Bowl is the ONLY place I know if in the Milwaukee area where you can get a wing made from the dreaded Bhut Jolokia Pepper, a.k.a. The Ghost Chili.  Sadly, I did not try it.  In my defense, I was in the middle of bowling and I didn’t think that eating the hottest pepper on the planet would make for a comfortable game.  Luckily for me, Sussex Bowl offers some a very diverse list of flavors that should satisfy any wing lover out there.  And for the truly insane, you can participate in the Death Wing Challenge!  This involves eating 10 Death Wings (Ghost Chili) in 3 minutes.  If you complete this (err…survive) you get your name on the wall of fame with your picture and a T-Shirt.

The Review

  • Chicken Quality: Pretty average size wing, with a few scrawnier ones in there, some wings were a little dry, but overall pretty good chicken
  • Sauce Variety: A great range of flavors with some very unique flavors I have not seen anywhere else: BBQ, Honey BBQ, Bourbon, Teriyaki, Smoked Raspberry, Chili Garlic, Caribbean Jerk, Spicy Asian Mix, Mild, Hot BBQ, Hot n’ Honey, Hot, Inferno, Death by Pepper** (Beware, Ghost Chili).
  • Sauce Quality:
    • Hot – Standard Buffalo wing flavor, but not very strong and not very hot.  Decent flavor, but little to no heat per my pallet.
    • Inferno – Almost a bit too hot for me (makes me terrified of the Ghost Chili).  I think there needs to be something between hot and inferno.  Same taste as hot, but just more heat without more flavor.
    • Chili Garlic – I really liked this flavor.  A decent spice, not too weak but nothing overpowering by any means and a very good garlic taste balances well with the heat.
    • Asian – Quite sweet with just a bit of heat to it, almost a molasses like taste to the sauce, good nevertheless.
    • Jerk – Also a bit sweet balanced with the Caribbean style spices.  I’m really hit or miss when it comes to Jerk wings, I either love or hate them, I couldn’t really decide with this one though.
    • Honey n’ Hot – Nice balance of sweet and heat.  I’ve had other wings similar to this that rely a bit too much on the honey, this was not the case on this one, a solid flavor
    • Sauces overall – I’ll need to come back here at some point to check out the other flavors.  But for what I sampled I enjoyed the flavors.  The only thing I would really like to see is a bit more flavor in the Hot and Inferno sauces as well as another flavor between those two as I think there is too much of a jump between them.
  • Sides Quality: I loved the bleu cheese, nice big chunks of cheese in the dressing with a nice creamy texture, definitely not the runny sour tasting dressing you can find elsewhere.  I sampled a bit of the ranch with to me had a funny sweet taste to me, I’ll definitely stick with the bleu cheese.  Both dressings cost extra.  No celery was served with the wings.
  • Value: Menu Price was average, $0.60 – $0.70 per wing depending on how many you order.  Dressing was extra which is always disappointing.  And unless you live or work nearby so that you can take advantage of there lunch special, you’re going to be paying full price for these wings.


The Final Score:

Chicken Quality: 7/10
Sauce Quality: 8/10
Sauce Variety: 5/5
Sides Quality: 4/5
Value: 2/3

Overall: 26/33 = 79

It’s a bit off the beaten path if you don’t live in the area, but definitely some good wings here.  If you want to check out the Ghost Chili, this is your place.  Also, Sussex Bowl offers some very cheap bowling, so if you fan of both, you should definitely drop by.

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