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Fuzzy’s Pub & Grill (73)

The Vitals:

Name: Fuzzy’s Pub & Grill
Where: 627 E Main St, Waukesha, WI 53186
Review Date: June 8, 2010
Wing type: Traditional, bone-in
Wing Special: $0.20 Wings Tues and Thurs

The Review:

  • Chicken Quality: Tiny wings!  Really probably among the smallest wings I’ve come across to date.  I put down 24 wings and was still fairly hungry after finishing, I find 15 large wings fills me up and about 20 average wings does the same, to eat 24 and still be hungry really shows these wings size.  However, their saving grace is that they were cooked very well.  They were crispy outside while still moist inside, with their small size it would be easy to over cook these wings, but thankfully the wings were cooked to perfection.
  • Sauce Variety: Teriyaki, BBQ, Hot, Screamer Sauce, Plain
  • Sauce Quality:
    • Teriyaki – Very good teriyaki sauce, salty and savory, with a touch of garlic not overly sweet.
    • BBQ – Disappointing, a bit bland ketchupy taste and watery. No bite to the sauce and did not have the traditional smoky-sweet taste one looks for in a BBQ sauce.
    • Hot – A very traditional cayenne based buffalo wing taste that ranks mild-medium on my heat radar.  Nothing spectacular, but a very tasty classic!
    • Screamer Hot – Pretty dang hot!  I’ve had hotter, but this wing was above my comfort point, I could only eat a few of these.  As for the taste, it was quite interesting.  We couldn’t figure out exactly what peppers this sauce came from, but the sauce was more of a pepper puree than a sauce, chunks of the pepper were easily visible.  However, while there was a lot of heat, there didn’t seem to be any other flavors to help balance that heat, however, if you’re looking for a challenge, these wings will do!
  • Sides Quality: The ranch was nearly the perfect consistency for wings, just a bit runny without being overly watery.  The bleu cheese was very good, nice creamy texture with a good amount of chunks of cheese.  No celery with the wings
  • Value: Normal menu price varies depending on how many you order, at most it’s about $0.70 per wing of six which is average, it’s cheaper as you order more.  However, my only caution would be that the small size of the wings robs some of the value.  Howver,  TWO wing nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays help make up for this, any wing is worth $0.20!!


The Final Score:

Chicken Quality: 7/10
Sauce Quality: 7/10
Sauce Variety: 3/5
Sides Quality: 4/5
Value: 3/3

Overall: 23/33 = 73

Not a bad stop for wings by any means, but there are definitely some things they could improve upon, mainly wing size.  But with two really cheap wing nights, Fuzzy’s might be a good option if your in the area.

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