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Ratings Explained

I have created the following rating system to write the reviews for this site.  I feel the below measurements are the most important aspects of a wing to examine in determining the overall wing experience.  The statistics are weighted differently as some aspects are more important than others.  The measurements are as follows:

The Chicken (1-10)

This statistic is rated 1-10 with 10 being the best.  A top rated wing will be plump, juicy, well cooked, and well above average size.  A poorly rated wing will be small, have other defects such as excess skin or veins, and possibly improperly cooked.

Sauce/Flavor Quality (1-10)

This statistic is rated 1-10 with 10 being the best.  I feel this is the most important aspect to the wing.  A high score in this measure indicates a sauce of superb quality and a degree of uniqueness.  An average score would indicate a good sauce, but nothing sets it apart from the rest of pack.  A poor score here indicates that the chicken may very well be better off without any sauce as the sauce is not very good.

Sauce/Flavor Variety (1-5)

This statistic is rated 1-5 with 5 being the best.  A top rating here means that you have a multitude of flavor choice to pick from.  A low score reflects a limited number of choices, such as simply hot or mild.  However, if a place only offers 3 or 4 sauces but they are all spectacular, a low rating may not be warranted…why have 10 mediocre sauces when you can have 4 awesome ones?

The Sides: Bleu Cheese / Ranch / Celery (1-5)

I measure scored 1-5 with 5 being the best.  A 5 would indicate a truly special side dip, different than the run of the mill.  This type of sauce will likely have a homemade quality to it and a uniqueness that sets it apart from the rest.  A score of 1 indicates something truly abysmal.  A poor consistency and/or taste that will make you stop using it after a couple of wings.  Other factors like paying extra for celery or dips will also factor into this.

Value (1-3)

A statistic with 3 being the highest mark that measures the value of the wings served.  I think we can all agree that while wings are no doubt delicious, nowadays they may be a bit overpriced for what you get.  Two scores may be given here in this statistic, one for the standard menu price and another for any wing special the establishment may run on a given night.  Cheap does not always equal good value!  A garbage wing at $0.10 is not a better value than a great wing at $0.50.

Overall: A total score will be achieved by adding each rating and then divided by 33 to get a percentage score that will be rounded up.  On this scale a completely average score is 55 and the higher the better.

Bonus Points:

While not indicative of the wing itself, a bonus point may be awarded for special achievements such as great beer selection, drink special in combination with wing specials, and other perks of the establishment (i.e. live music).  Should any bonus points be awarded, they will be added after the review of the wings themselves and it will serve as a separate score.

What does it mean?

Basically, a score of 90+ are truly phenomenal wings that are worth going out of your way to get your hands on them, truly the best of the best.

A score of 80-89 are still awesome wings, but not necessarily worth going well out of your way for.  These wings are still some of the best you will find.

A score of 70-79 are great wings worthy of having a wing night for, but there are better options.

A score of 60-69 are decent wings, if you happen to find yourself at one of these establishments wings would make a fine choice, but I wouldn’t go there specifically for wings

A score of 50-59 are passable, but you might be able to find something better on the menu.

A score of 49 or less means something has gone very, very wrong.  I would strongly advise to not order wings.

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