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Updates Continue

In what has been the most work around here in years… all specials cleaned up and updated to the best of my abilities, with a bunch of new specials added too!

Most of the old reviews have been archived here. (remaining will be archived soon).  To replace those, soon I’ll be launching a new system of acknowledging the best wings in the greater MKE area, so check back soon!

Some new stuff!

If you visit here from time to time, we don’t update much.  I do apologize, lots to do and little time to do it.  Going to try and tidy up around here a bit though.  First, updated Monday specials.  Hope to crack out the rest over the next couple weeks.  Second, inspired by the video below, thinking of adding some wing recipes here.  I love watching Binging with Babish on Youtube.  Each week he recreates some food from a scene of a movie or TV show.  Of particular interest to me is the making of “Lemon Pepper Wet” from the show Atlanta.  Flavor aside, the promise of getting fryer crispy wings from the oven intrigued me.  The claim, coating your wings with salt and baking powder before baking would yield super crispy wings from your oven.  I’ve tried it, and… it really works.  I used to HATE wings from the oven, could never get them crispy enough for my liking.  However, this method gets about as close to frying as I think possible without using a fryer.  Check out the video below on the method and give it a shot!


New Specials Added

More new specials!

Hamburger Mary’s, Milwaukee, $0.50 Wings
Mikey’s, Milwaukee, $0.50 Wings During Monday Night Football
Wingstop, 6 local locations, $0.60 Boneless Wings

The Pub Club, Milwaukee, $0.39 Wings
Wingstop, 6 local locations, $0.60 Boneless Wings

Barrel House Saloon, Juneau, $10.95 AYCE Wings


11 More Specials

Few More added today!

Hollywood’s Roadhouse, $0.50 Wings, Nashotah

Bear Trap, $0.50 Wings, North Lake
Double B’s, 3 Free Wings w/ Entree, West Allis
On The Rocks, $0.35 Wings, Neosho
Park 6 Bar & Grill, $0.50 Wings, Milwaukee
Red Lion Pub, $0.60 Wings, Milwaukee
Remedy, $0.50 Wings, Milwaukee
Sideliners, $0.40 Wings, Mukwonago
Sly Fox, $0.50 Wings, Milwaukee
Southbound Saloon, $0.50 Wings, Oak Creek
Tap Room, $0.40 Wings, South Milwaukee

More New Specials

I keep finding more!


  • Moonshine Pub, $0.40 Wings, MIlwaukee
  • Park 6 Bar & Grill, $0.50 Wings, Milwaukee
  • Rosatis, 1/2 Wings, Milwaukee & Grafton
  • Rosatis, Watertown, price depends on qty
  • Rumors Sports Bar, $0.50 Wings, Sussex


  • Ricardos, $0.65 Wings, Greendale
  • Savoys, $0.60 Wings, Milwaukee
  • Sports Page, $0.40 Wings, North Prairie
  • Swiss St Grille, $0.50 Wings, Franklin
  • TJs Roundabout, $0.40 Wings, Muskego


  • Johnny Hammers, $0.65 Wings, Milwaukee
  • Romey’s, $0.45 Wings, Franklin


  • The Crest, $0.50 Boneless, Waukesha
  • Romey’s $0.45 Wings, Franklin


New Thursday Specials

Whole bunch of new stuff added to Thrursday!

  • Benno’s, $4.49/lb, West Allis
  • Brew Berlin, $0.50, New Berlin
  • Brewtown Eatery, $0.70, Milwaukee
  • Buckhorn Bar, $0.50, Franklin
  • Burgey’s, $0.50, Caledonia
  • Champp’s, $0.50, Brookfield
  • Double D’s Pub, $0.50 Wings, Mukwonago
  • Edgewater, $0.50, Pewaukee
  • Finnagains, $0.35, Waukesha
  • Golden Lake Pub, $0.50, Oconomowoc
  • Milwaukee Ale House, $0.60 Happy Hour, 3-6p, Milwaukee
  • Natty Oaks, $0.50, West Allis
  • Panga Bar, $0.50, Oconomowoc
  • The Phoenix, $0.45, Hartland
  • Richfield Roadhouse, $0.50 Wings, Richfield
  • Spanky’s Hideaway, $0.50 Happy Hour, 3-7p
  • Sports Page Bar & Grill, $0.40, North Prairie
  • Suhmer’s Saloon, $10 wings+side+beer, Eagle
  • Tally’s Tap, $0.50, Waukesha

I think I promised a few more the other day, but, realized I noted them for Thurs when the belong to other days… so I’ll get those in their correct place shortly.
As always, click here for full Thursday specials!


New Wednesday Specials

Continuing the site refresh, I have 20, count them 20, new wing specials added to Wednesday for you!  Some of these wing specials are updates to ones here previously but on different days or under an old name of a bar, but most of these have never been here before!

  • Big Guys, $0.50 Wings, Hartford
  • Braun’s Power House, $0.05, West Allis (Not a typo! See their Facebook! Seriously, a nickel!)
  • Breakshots, $0.50 Wings, Oconomowoc
  • Brew Town Pub & Grill, $0.25 Wings, South Milwaukee
  • Cliffords, $0.35 Wings, Hales Corners
  • The Crest, $13 AYCE Wings, Waukesha (Waiting on price confirmation)
  • Dicken’s Grille, $0.50 Wings, West Allis
  • Fourth N Long, $0.75 Wings, West Allis
  • Kick Switch, $0.49 Wings, Okauchee
  • Laura’s DBC, $0.50 Wings, Mequon
  • Mad Dog Saloon, $0.50 Wings, Greenfield
  • McCarty Park Pub, $0.60 Wings, Milwaukee
  • Midpoint Eatery and Pub, $0.40 Wings, Johnson Creek
  • Milwaukee Ale House, $0.60 wing happy hour 3-6p, Milwaukee
  • Moonshine Pub, $10 for 10 wings and a pitcher of beer, Milwaukee
  • Public House, $0.35 Wings, Germantown
  • Skybox Sports Bar, $0.50 Wings, Milwaukee
  • Spanky’s Hideaway, $0.50 Wing Happy Hour 3-7p, Mequon
  • Ugly’s, $0.40 Wings, Milwaukee
  • Zi’s, $0.50 Wings, Brown Deer

As always, check out the full details and all the other Wednesday Specials, right here!

Think that’s cool? 22 new Thursday wing specials due up soon!


New Tuesday Specials!

Some new and/or updated Tuesday wing specials in the greater Milwaukee area:

Dugout 54, 1/2 Off Wings, Milaukee
Finnagains, $0.35 Wings, Waukesha
Halftime Sports Grill, $0.50 Wings, Mukwonago
Jackrabbit Slims, $0.60 Wings, West Allis
Milwaukee Ale house, $0.60 Wing Happy Hour 3-6p, Milwaukee
Milwaukee Beer Bistro, $0.50 Wings, Milwaukee
Park Avenue Pizza, $0.70 Wings, Pewaukee
Spanky’s Hideaway, $0.50 Wing Happy Hour 3-7p

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