Some News and Notes

First, new look! Pretty swanky! After looking mostly the same for 7 years, time to spruce up the joint.

Second, we were hacked! What brought my attention back to this site was the fact that a URL including my domain was showing up in phishing links in New Zealand. I logged in and sure enough, a whole lot of stuff stored on my page that I didn’t put there. If you visited this site in that time, you should be fine, we obviously don’t collect or store any data. If you followed the phishing link (which didn’t seem to be a thing outside New Zealand), hopefully all will be well. I deleted all files not pertaining to me, so, even if my site had collected data, it should be gone now. I followed the fishing link form the original email, and the result is a 404 page, so, anyone clicking that link in the future will be fine. Sadly, all this seemed to kill my Google rank and get me blacklisted on a few security sites. It looks like I fixed the Google issue and will again be indexed, and hopefully the other issues will be cleared, or, I can ask to be cleared as the problem has resolved.

Now, back to wings. Some more new/updated specials will continue to be added throughout this week, so stay tuned!

Updated: August 30, 2016 — 7:59 am

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