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Milwaukee’s Best Wings?

So I stumbled upon this article today at where it’s readers voted on the best buffalo wings in Milwaukee.  The winner?  Buffalo Wild Wings.  Seriously? Now, I don’t think their wings are terrible by any means, in fact, their Spicy Garlic is still one of my favorite wing flavors ever  However, best wing?  Hardly.  For me its the chicken.  Too often do I get the impression my wings were sitting under a heat lamp, tossed in sauce, and served to me.  Compare that to one of the numerous other Milwaukee establishments where you can get delicious, fresh cooked wings at a much more reasonable price.  So Milwaukee, I urge you to get out there and expand your wing pallet, I’d really like to see someone other than BW3’s take home the 2010 readers choice award!

The other next 16 vote leaders?  Here you go:

2. Point’s East
3. Elsa’s
4. Club Garibaldi
5. Leff’s Lucky Town
6. 5th Ward Pub & Grill
7. The Wicked Hop
8. Hooligan’s
9. Major Goolsby’s
10. Karma
11. Beer Belly’s
12. McGillycuddy’s
13. Libby Montana
14. Silver Spring House
15. Cans
16. Bigalke’s
17. Pistol Pete’s

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  1. Tomkens’s in West Allis is not on the list?

  2. No, because Tomken’s wings are mediocre to put it best.

  3. You need to try Bulwinkels in Brookfield. They are the BEST!!

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