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New Review : Wing Street

Chicken Quality: Nicely cooked and quite crispy, however, they were TINY! 7/10
Sauce Quality:
Surprisingly, very flavorful and distinct flavors 9/10
Sides Quality:
Average bleu cheese 3/5
Sauce Variety:
Eight flavors plus plain, you should find something you like 4/5
Poor. Chicken isn’t reasonable until you get a large quantity.  Bleu cheese is extra!  1/3

Total: 24/33 = 73
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Updated: December 10, 2009 — 8:37 pm


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  1. Awesome site man and great reviews… keep ’em coming! Just wanted to let you know “street” is mis-spelled in the title. Also, you should give Leff’s another chance one of these days… yes, the celery is laughable, but they will gladly bring you more if you ask. Don’t forget about Major Goolsby’s… simple the best in town: crispy, saucy, hot and BIG… mmmmmmmmmmmm!

  2. Thanks man! You’re one of my very first comments that isn’t wordpress scripts posting spam at me. More than any other review I think I gave Leff’s a hard time, it was actually my very first stop and I think I was a bit overly harsh. I do either plan a revisit or a “tweeking” of my scores now that I’ve been to over 20 places.

    Major Goolsby’s is definitely on the list, we will get there one of these days, hopefully in early 2010, we have the destinations planned for the remainder of 2009!

    I also hope to bring my reviews a bit more up to date over the holidays, I have about 6-8 that need to be written!

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