Milwaukee Wings

The Original Guide to Buffalo Wings in the Brew City

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Chicken Quality: Large wings with a nice crispy without being too dry inside 9/10
Sauce Quality:
The problem is lack of sauce, many dry rub wings and the wings that are supposed to have sauce lose it in the baking process. I Suggest asking for extra sauce 4/10
Sides Quality:
Ranch was OK, but bleu cheese had a sour, almost acidic taste.  Celery was extra  2/5
Sauce Variety:
While I was not a fan of some of the flavors, they’re definately diverse and unique  5/5
With giant wings and two wing specials per week, I cannot help but give a perfect score here.  3/3

Total 23/33 = 70

Updated: August 31, 2009 — 10:11 pm

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