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New Review : Magoo’s

Chicken Quality: While they weren’t necessarily the biggest wings I’ve had, the quality was fantastic!  Moist, but with a nice crunch to the skin these wings are hard to beat! 9/10
Sauce Quality:
Most of the flavors had an awesome taste, but there were a couple I would pass on next time.  Also, the fact the wings were a less saucy than I would want hurts this score a bit too.  8/10
Sauce Variety:
12 flavors, but 5 of them are just a different heat level of their basic flavor.  However, there should be something for everyone here. 4/5
Quality: The dressing was included and right up there with the best bleu cheese I’ve ever had and celery was served at no extra cost nets Magoo’s a perfect score in this category. 5/5
Value : Great wings, great price, perfect. 3/3

Total 29/33 = 88

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Updated: September 8, 2009 — 10:32 pm


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  1. Wish we were close to Milwaukee to try all of these wing places Frank! Sounds like you are a real bleu cheese fanatic. I have the best recipe if you ever make wings at home and want to try it, let me know.

  2. you should add the address for these places – those of us who
    don’t get out much need to know such things

  3. There are addresses for every place I review at the top of the review. Clicking them should open a map in Google Maps too!

  4. The wings are not 35 cents anymore. They are now 50 cents. According to the people there, they have been 50 cents for over a year now. They are still great quality wings but the they could have been seasoned more.

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